Race Day Prep

I'm kind of a superstitious girl when it comes to races.
Oh - I'm running a 10km race tomorrow, by the way (with JaineySam and more than 12,000 other friends, so come out and say hi :) ).
I tend not to upset my routine too, too much the day before.
I go grocery shopping the Saturday morning, make the same meal for dinner and then firmly park my butt on the couch for an entire day.
And what meal is it that I make? Well, it's my take on my dad's tomato macaroni soup, a favourite meal from childhood. I always remember it being a treat because my mother is not really a fan of pasta and we had to pretty much BEG to have it. Then all four of us would attempt to help but would really get in the way or half-ass help and then totter off to watch tv, play nintendo, computer or something and leave my dad to do the work and only resurface to eat everything and not clean up.
Sigh - the good ol' days.
But it all boils down to a giant pot of elbow macaroni with a can of tomatoes, some mushrooms, 
maybe a green or red pepper and a can or two of tomato juice thrown in (because the pasta sucks up the liquid like no tomorrow). Really, it was nothing special but I remember it being a such a big deal to us...or maybe just me.
I think it didn't happen that often because of the work involved and the lack of help my dad got in the end.
But now I make it the day before every run in my slow cooker with no help and no one to help me clean up either.
And I can't remember if exactly if there was meat in it or not, but I put it in mine...and yes, I buy my meat in tubes because I'm a classy broad. 
But it's funny how the simplest of meals evokes the happiest of memories and is the one thing that I have to have before every run.
Hopefully Jainey will have your race report later this week. Keep your fingers crossed for comical pics.
And I'll be having soup for a week.
Feel free to drop by if you want some :)


Kathleen M. said...

Mmmmmm sounds good! And good luck in the race. I hope you and everyone has fun!

Blue Ice Dave said...

Have a great race.

Sarah said...

Have a great run tomorrow!

The soup sounds so comforting :)

angsellis said...

I hope the race went well! I am so going to make that soup, it sounds delicious!

Mary @ A Merry Life said...

Hope your race went well!!

Lucas said...

Kick that 10K arse Mouse!!!!!

Shirls said...

save a bowl for me! its sound delicious, I love the childhood faves coming back around, yeah Dad! have I mentioned that I think your dad is amazing lately?

I hope the race went well! I'm looking forward to the Jainey report on it ;0)

anna said...

just wanted to let you know i tried this recipe last week and it was bomb! even better the next day! thanks for the tip!!
hope your race went well!

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