Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow…

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Criztawl said...

You are too cute ... I love watching your video posts!!

I suppose for me I'm growing by doing the things I know I should be doing ... eating healthy, journalling my food and getting exercise in almost every day.

As for the interview, good luck. I know exactly how you feel with the whole clothing and not having the proper attire to be going for interviews. I've been struggling in that area because I only have a few items of clothing that fit right now ... boo!

Lainey said...

Hmmm, you might be interested in "Choosing Losing"'s recent posts about your ideal self.

That's a good question--what am I doing to grow? I can't answer it right now, which tells me that it's something I need to work on. I am taking an accounting course, but I constantly battle my procrastinating ways. So I can't really count that.

Food for thought (instead of food to eat!)... Thanks.

JER29ELEVEN said...

I think that right now, I am focusing on making good decisions for myself - not just in terms of food, but in how I respond when I've done something to hinder my progress instead of help it.

Sometimes, I'll miss a weigh in (because as we all know, avoiding the scale makes your weight gain less real, right?!) but I get re-focused much sooner now. I don't let myself slide down to the bottom of that hill completely!

I think that a part of our growth involves facing those things which we'd rather avoid and learning better strategies to deal with the ups and downs, in healthy productive ways!

JER29ELEVEN said...

And the shout-out was great! :)

Karos said...

"Stagnating" is a word I used to apply to myself a lot. And sometimes I still do. But in the past year, I've made a conscious decision to try new things. Rather than replay that "I should do that some day" thing that loops through our heads so often, I decide if it loops through often enough, that I WILL do that, and I do. One by one, I do. I signed up for bootcamp, and I loved the grueling workout but even more, just being shown exactly what to do and do it along with the trainer. It just removed the overthinking and the "what to do next" and for me, right now, it was just what I needed.

I thought: I should visit my very good friend I made online, who lives in Ontario, and I did. And now she's a real-life friend I know I can count on for moral support from a distance, and for a hell of a good time in person.

Those are a couple of examples. I also want to take a silkscreening class and learn to build furniture. And take a hot air balloon ride. And I will.

But I have found this mindset trickles down to small things, too. "I should plant up those flower boxes," or "I should take a run. I won't regret it even if I feel tired and draggy right now." And so much more often, I do. At 42 I want to be more energized and find the things that bring me joy. Because I was stagnating in the gray for way too long. It's a process and sometimes a struggle but it's progress, too.

Kudos to your increasing knowledge of self and other stuffs.

Merry said...

Job interviews... even if they're completely horrible, you learn from them. Simply practicing getting out there and promoting yourself is good mental exercise.

I'm glad this interview went well; I am visualizing the ideal job waiting for you... with amiable co-workers, nice pay/hours, and just what you need to learn right now at this stage of your career.

H-woman said...

What a great post!

What am I doing to grow? Hmmm....all those things you mentioned that we know we _should_ do but often don't. Taking care of myself first--getting enough sleep, exercising, choosing healthy foods.

Fingers and toes crossed for good news from the good interview!

H =)

Tara said...

That was a fantastic post M.

Most recently I'm growing by growing, or at least learning to grow. I've started to pay more attention now not only to the foods I eat, but where they come from. So we're growing lots of our own food this year. And a lot of other stuff too.

jainey said...

haha. burgerquest.
i'm finishing that damn harry potter book. and asking you what day you're running that clinic. :)

Girl with a Problem said...

I've been trying to get back on track. Joined WW online for some accountability and some help staying up with everything. Lost 3 pounds week 1 - which is not so bad considering I went tumbling off the WW wagon over the 3day weekend.

I just stopped by to see how you were doing and ended up with a mouse boot right up my a**. Your video really spoke to me. I need to concentrate more on feeding my brain, my soul, and my heart and not so much on my cake hole. I have been neglecting my intellectual and spiritual self and that has led to my physical rebellion. Isn't it peculiar that when we starve one aspect of our being that we end up gorging another?

I started some running lists - Things to Read (definitely includes this blog), Things to Think About, Things to Learn, Things to Enjoy. Those should get me started.

Love your blog. Love the videos. Great job on the egg-taming. I once waged a similar war with a canister of piroline cookies. That's where a husband can be helpful. The day that I decided they had won and I was gonna eat them, I came home to find the empty container in the trash. My knight in shining (if not a little chocolate smeared) armor!

Thanks once again for a much needed kick in the a**.

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