GBU - The view from my couch edition

Good - My daily commute transitioning from 30 minutes to 30 seconds.
Bad - My daily wardrobe doesn't always transition from night time to day time.
Ugly - When I try the new daily commute, half asleep, and make coffee, in my underwear in front of my sheer kitchen curtains. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO building across the street!!!


Good - Fewer wardrobe changes means saving money on laundry. Woot!
Bad - Although there are fewer wardrobe changes, we aren't moving from the couch much. Boo!
Ugly - The fine bum divot that you've created in the centre of your couch that fits only your backside. Kudos, kiddo.


Good - Also saving moolah by not buying Starbucks, lunch, and treats every day and instead making lunch & coffee at home
Bad - Half a cup, one cup, a cup and a half. Portion control? What? - hey! Who cares?
Ugly - Um...I thought I made a POT of coffee this morning...Where did it go?....whoops. Hey! Why is my leg shaking. Hold that thought - I have to pee.


Good -FIELD TRIP!!! Starbucks Wifi and an iPod touch. Human interaction and anti-social at the same time. I love it!
Bad - Wait a minute! I thought I was trying to save money! Crappity crap crap.
Ugly - There are crumbs in this couch. But there are pumpkin scones. Actually, that's an UGH.


Good - Jammer has been off part of this week and keeping me company.
Bad - Jammer's crazy dog comes with us on walks.
Ugly - When Jammer made me hold freak dog's (dog's name has been changed to protect his innocence/evilness) leash when she went in the store for what felt like half a freakin hour and I had to run around in circles to avoid it coming near me, terrorizing sidewalk patrons and making a bloody fool of myself. Please note the dog is the size of an overgrown rat and has the energy of a firecracker. Please note that I am a giant idiot.

And I have to pee again


Jen said...

*laughs* you kill me!!!

Okay, I am a dog lover, and I can honestly say that I do not enjoy firecracker rat dogs!!!!

Sounds like you are bursting with (caffeine??? urine???)...um, energy this morning!!!

marie said...

@Jen I am actually bursting with rage. Blogger is being a biznatch with formatting and adding all sorts of code that I couldn't remove.

*shakes fist wildly in the air*

Thank God for WYSIWYG editors and being part geek. Not that you would know that from my crappy template and all...

Uh...I didn't just write that.

I obviously have too much time on my hands.

And I'm talking to myself.

Excuse me.

♥ Dee ♥ said...


Chelci said...

I stumbled across your blog awhile back, and have been reading it lately. anyways... YUM arent pumpkin scones so tasty..but so bad, haha :)

Lainey said...

LOL! When you were talking about the dog at first, I was picturing some gigantic, evil dog with slavering fangs. Not a dog the size of an overgrown rat!

marie said...

Well, maybe not a rat...

But he's definitely a "toy" dog.

He's a bolonka or a bologna or something like that.

Merry said...

But just think! Your morning commute really brightened up the day of the people in the building across the street! You're so thoughtful... ;)

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