Fear & Losing it in Mouseville


Heather said...

Great post!

It sucks going through the uncertainty of unemployment but I can totally relate to your feelings of fear...but you are facing that fear (just by admitting it) and you will overcome it!

And kudos on the mini-eggs...they would not have lasted in my apt for sure!

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

Loved the vlog! It was great to put all of you together. You're right that we need to put the fear behind us. We must be brave and face our fears. You will keep losing weight, you will get a job, you will beat those mini eggs...and you are doing a great job moving past your fears. Keep being brave!!

Crazylady said...

I read often but rarely comment sorry!

Just want to send out big hugs to you!!

Vanessa said...


You are definitely showing those mini eggs who is boss!

Laura said...

firstly, hugs re the job situation - I hope you find something soon.

Secondly, I can relate to this post a million fold. I still have 20 pounds to loose - but I have lost 81 pounds - and I fear being THAT GIRL - you know, the one that worked so hard and then lost tons of weight, only to put it (and more) back on?/?? ya, that girl. I fear that so much that I cave in, believing that I WILL BE that girl and over eat...it is a crazy, stupid cycle - I fear being successful - and I fear not reacing goal - all in the same breathe...or in the same chew!

How do we work through the emotional side of over-eating??? For me, this will be a life long struggle - and sadly, I fear that too.

Merry said...

I can relate. I haven't been laid off yet, but it's almost certainly coming in a few months. (My company is in the process of being bought out by a competitor who will very probably lay us all off.)

On the other hand, every time I've been laid off in the past, I've ended up in a better place. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your better place comes soon!

Born to Run said...

I don't like feeling fear either, but as you've suggested in your video, avoiding it creates a whole other bag of problems.

I don't think it's realistic to avoid fear, though. As the book title says, "Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway," or some such thing.

Fear sucks, but it doesn't have to stop you. I'm sure you know this because you've already accomplished so much.

Sarah said...

I loved your post! Can I say you are so adorable? I am keeping my fingers crossed for something to come to you. Both myself and husband lost our jobs, we are ok for now but the fear is always in the back of my head.

I cannot believe you haven't finished those mini-eggs yet! Great job :)

Angie All The Way said...

I wasn't able to listen to your vlog at work, but finally had the chance @ home.

Congrats on your loss Marie! In SPITE of all of that going on and how difficult that is. I can only imagine how that must feel.

I can't believe you still have those mini eggs!

Amy said...

We are the same person... I swear to God, especially with the confidence thing.

On a side note, when you shook the container of mini eggs, it scared the shit out of my dog! lol

I loff you Marie.

Candace MacPherson said...

Hugs to you Marie. Haven't been on-line in a while and thought I'd check out what's going on with you. I'd say a lot...and nothing. Anyway, welcome to the world of unemployment. Last week I had to go and staighten out my birthday with my SIN (gee, thanks Dad) since my EI was held up as a result.

Anyway, don't know what to say with you. I'm in a different place in life. Groceries, housework and kids ARE full time. Nothing's come up for me yet, either.

Good luck in your job search.

Karos said...

Your honesty is wonderful. Show me somebody *without* issues... you are brave to show us yours.

Being ruled by fear sucks. As long as we exert some measure of control and keep on truckin'... well, it helps us not to succumb.

What I find hardest is not just giving up when the bumps come. Or doing the Annie refrain ("Tomorrow... tomorrow...").

Best of luck to you. I'm in a situation where my markets are disappearing and I need to find the right "extra" job, but it seems nearly impossible.

Fiona said...

My company just posted a PR position yesterday, it may be of interest...


if you want to chat more, give me a shout about it, please do.

Fiona (fhatfield@esricanada.com)

Jen said...

*laughs* I think it was worth it for the grin at the end alone!!!

Great Post Marie (as always!!)

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