Shiny & New

My parents love me.
I go over and have dinner with them every Tuesday and just about every week they have something for me. 
Last week it was a new popcorn popper. 
See, growing up we had one and one week when I was over, I went searching for it because I REALLY wanted popcorn but didn't want the microwave crud.
Unfortunately, they seem to have disposed of it along with the electric griddle that I hoped they had still kept somewhere (yet they still have newspapers from last August. Odd). 
So this week my parents gifted me with weird Scout related stuff and a cute picture of me and my brothers from when we were kids. 
And drugs.
The prescription kind.
See, I had a sort of epiphany a week or so ago when talking to a fellow WWer at the stair climb. Without realizing it, all of my weight loss coincided with taking Topamax. I stopped taking the drug when I moved out on my own in September. This is also when I started gaining weight like a mofo.
But I'm not taking it to lose weight. My headaches are starting to bug me again something fierce.
We'll see how it goes...


Vanessa said...

Best of luck with the prescription!

I love air-popped popcorn. That microwave crap doesn't even compare.

Shirls said...

I love air pop, actually my nephews were over one night and asked me for some popcorn, so I was like "sure!" got the popper out and started to make the popcorn and the younger one freaked! apparently I don't know how to make it right, according to his 7 year old self, popcorn can only be made in a microwave! LOL

anyway your parents are sure sweet, do they want to adopt? ;0)

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