So here's my deal

  • My contract ends on March 27th
  • It is not being extended
  • I've applied to multiple postings for communications positions
  • I've had very few calls backs and interviews
  • Nothing has panned out ...yet
  • I've had a few weeks where I wanted to crawl in a hole and never reappear
  • I believe I'm over that and am now trying to be very optimistic
  • Things will get better
  • I just need to find a job...quick.

No need to say, "I'm so sorry!" because I am not here for a pity party, although I do appreciate support.

Things WILL work themselves out. I just need to explain why I have been unlike myself for the last few months to people who say they "miss me."

BUT, if you know of any PR jobs, feel free to let me know ;)


Jen said...

Okay...that sucks, i am definitely sorry to hear that!!

Since I live SO far away, i doubt i will hear anything for you...but good luck little mouse!!!

cinemarie said...

You know how it is - you apply to a ton of places and nobody calls you back, until 20 people call you back at the same time!! I'm sure you'll find something quick.

If I hear someone's looking for a 'PR' person, I'll let you know asap.

Best of luck Mouse - hang in there! Something great will come up I'm sure because you ROCK!! :)

JER29ELEVEN said...

Since you've said you don't need to hear "I'm SO sorry" (and really, it's a little redundant to say that anyway, considering ...what else would I be? *happy* that you don't have a job? Uh, no!), all I will say is that you're in my thoughts and prayers and I KNOW something will come through, because who wouldn't want a kick arse chickie like you on their team?! :)

JODI said...

i'll send some good vibes your way then... not that it matters, but my good friend was laid-off about a month ago and will be starting a new job one next week... not every field/area is hurting right now, so stay positive! :)

Sara said...

Let's hope that the 2 of us find the most kick ass jobs soon!!

Have you looked into freelancing or elancing? I amazed at how many bloggers in the States seem to get paid gigs and their writing doesn't hold a candle up to yours (is that even the saying?)!!

I will definitely keep my eyes and ears open for you!

Lucas said...

Cheese and Rice Mouse! That stinks! I hope you find something soon.

Food Coma said...

I'm sorry, take care of yourself. Good luck with everything

H-woman said...

I have no doubt that you'll find something soon! I'm not sure exactly what you do, but check out Canadian Blood Services. I love working for them!

H =)

p.s. How was the soda bread and stew?

Soa_Dev said...

That's tough :-(

*Fingers crossed*

Shirls said...

keeping my fingers crossed

JavaChick said...

Needing to be said or not, I am sorry. Looking for work is never fun. Hope something comes up soon!

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