How do YOU sell yourself?

If you maintain an online presence, you're pretty much an open book. People can take a look into your life and make judgements or assumptions based on the words and pictures you choose to post. From recent posts, one might think that I'm not terribly happy with myself, my station in life, or the direction that it is headed in. Well, words can sometimes be deceiving. Although I am scared about the things that are happening in the next few weeks, the opportunities that I am being presented with are VERY exciting. However, it does makes me revert into my shell a bit, but that's more to protect myself than anything else. In order to make things happen, I need to define my greatest achievements, my strengths and my weaknesses in order to illustrate to strangers what I bring to the table. So imagine you have a portfolio to fill with tangible examples of your major coups, proudest moments and greatest achievements. What's in that book? What makes you special? Why do you deserve a gold star? And GO!


♥ Dee ♥ said...

Okay, this could get deep.

My portfolio is filled with balancing acts. Learning to be a rational, drama-less, balanced human being after coming from a horrific childhood. Learning how to love unconditionally, after having no example set. Learning how to be a great parent, after being parented by an angry alcoholic.

My gold star is for finally seeing myself as "worth it" and acting upon it. For creating the life I deserve, despite growing up being told I deserved nothing. For rising out of the ashes, and being a good person despite it all.

Vanessa said...

My portfolio would be full of awesome x infinity. And so would yours.


Lucas said...

I'd rather focus on why YOU deserve a gold star! You ALWAYS get up one more time than you fall down. ALWAYS. Gold star for you! :)

Merry said...

My first thought on reading the title was that I didn't want to 'sell' myself -- can't I just rent myself out for parties and bar mitzvahs?
Not sure what I've done to get a gold star lately. This calls for more caffeine.

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