You bet your ass

Literally. We make bets out of silly things like the outcome of a sports match-up, knowing the right answer to an obscure question or a racing to the corner. But apparently there is money to be had over shrinking your back-side. And this goes beyond a friendly wager between you, your spouse, a family member or coworkers... I kid you not. The NY Times recently published an article that including a few Web sites that have cropped up where you can find motivation to lose weight through the fear of paying out. Stickk.com, Fatbet.net and makemoneylosingweight.com aim to keep you accountable by taking your money or, in some cases, possibly your dignity. Other stakes have included streaking, having to wear offending clothing (did I ever tell you about the time I had to wear a Leafs jersey? sigh) or treat others to food (seems counterproductive). Taking a peak around them all, the latter two seem slapped together and hard to navigate while the former appears to be more community oriented with the ability to give to charity rather than a friend or foe. So, what are your thoughts on bets vs. challenges when it comes to weight? Would you join one? What would the stakes be for you? In the meantime, I'll be over here planning for all of my winnings. muahahaha.


Shirls said...

honestly I have no idea if I would or wouldn't, although I do have to say I'd lean towards taking a bet on someone else but not on myself.. that is just weird but what can I say I'm weird, lol I'd happily put money on someone else success (hopefully not failure) cause if it motivates them I'm happy to help, but I don't think I'd put myself up to have bets placed on..

Sarah said...

Very interesting concept..

I think I would be a lot more dedicated if there was money involved!!

Haley said...

Hell's no! The last thing I need is to be broke on top of chubby!

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