Don't fear the change!

So a link to one of those lame-o “reasons you’re not losing weight” articles popped up in my email today. It listed a bunch of the obvious: fads, extremes, quick fixes, giving up and avoiding change. Oh. OH. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Yeah, that’s me right about now. I’m avoiding the change. A change back to the ways that got me to my goal. It’s really easy, dummy. GET WITH THE PROGRAM! But it’s not an issue WITH my goal or the plan not being realistic or enjoyable. It’s that my brain is stuck in a rut where it thinks I can have a mulligan every freakin’ day. That it is MORE satisfying to eat nachos vs. healthy meals, or that it is perfectly acceptable to bake cookies instead of going to the store to cure a craving. But all cravings don’t NEED to be cured. Attitudes do, though. Committing to my former healthy lifestyle may require more soul searching than I’m even attempting. There’s got to be reasons why I’m reaching for the bad stuff rather than the lean meats, whole grains and veggies I KNOW are good for me (and filling too). So what do you think are the reasons, oh wise ones, or what are your reasons that the chips, chocolate and cookies would make it into your daily plan? What helps you face the fear of change?


Vickie said...

99% of it - FOR ME - is changing the taste buds expectations. If they get used to one kind of taste - it is hard to train them back to the other kind of taste.

I read on another bloggers posting today - that when FRUIT does not taste SWEET - she knows that processed and artificially sweet things have really messed with her head again. I don't think I have ever heard it explained better.

Jen said...

For me it is 2 things:
1st-being in a place in my life of true happiness and realizing that this is important both to my health and my quality of life (not to mention my self-esteem). I have been able to work past many of my demons that were holding me back and in doing so I have come to embrace change.
2nd-realizing that food is only fuel, and every meal/snack does not have to be earth-shatteringly good. Sometimes its just fuel. That being said, when I am going to indulge it needs to be really REALLY good.

Vanessa said...

If I don't make changes for the better then I'm not doing everything I can to live my life to the fullest. What if I drop dead tomorrow and haven't done the things I wanted to do because I was afraid of change?

eurydice said...

I read that article today as well. The first point about change really hit home!

marie said...

@vickie The fruit thing is lost on me, but I LOVE the perspective.

@jen The food as fuel thing is key, it's just too bad that I see it as filler right now

@wheebs you mean i'm not living life to the fullest with a bag of chips and dip in front of my tv? dammit!

@eurydice I'm still waiting for it to really smack me in the face. I had the ah-ha but am still resisting.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

It's just haaaaard! We love our treats, don't we? You know how it goes though... after a few weeks of really eating healthy foods, you stop craving the crap and start enjoying the good stuff... It's just a matter of getting over the hump, I think. But don't ask me, because really, I shouldn't be allowed to advise anyone. I'm addicted to cinnamon rolls.

Merry said...

When I read this title, I thought you were talking about menopause.
Then I thought you were talking about small change, rather than small changes.
Then I thought I should get out more, or at least learn to read better.

My philosophy is: don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things.

Like most philosophies, it doesn't come in handy very often -- but it sounds good. To me, anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Babekins: As part of the family, it is part of our genetic make-up to smother feelings. You're going through alot right now and you are just using the only skills you know to cope. Once you realize what you are smothering and deal with it, I have every confidence you will be back on track. Don't be so hard on yourself, baby steps.


Jen said...

Man oh man...I wish I knew!!! All I know is that I, too, have used way too many mulligans (I love that by the way)...I can never determine WHEN would be a good day to start! I will let you know when that day happens...if I am giving excuses I will say tomorrow...if I am going back to my kick ass self, then it's RIGHT.FRIGGIN.NOW

Sara said...

I wish I knew. Please let me know when you figure it out. It is really frustrating though.

Karos said...

Sometimes, the results of a good week can propel me into another good week. But I rarely have a mulligan-free day. And I know that this affects the results on the scale. They are slower because I'm all Mulligan Tawny, will strip for food.

For me, it's stress or boredom, and the mulligan count (or the WTF attitude combined with fudging writing the points -- oh yeah, that helps)... goes up. I need to find another way to handle my feelings than to go for food. I had some success with going for tea first -- good quality flavourful tea, and then involving my hands with something, like reading a book or even typing online. Backup plan can get girlfriend in control. But mostly I wonder why I don't go to the mat for *myself* when I do it for everybody else when they need something. Bah.

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