Anchors Away!

So a few weeks ago we got a buttload of snow. This week we saw temperatures in the double digits that led to a loverly thaw. Now, it's raining like a mofo. So, I'm looking for an ark builder. If you know of one, send him my way. I'll even offer to round up the animals if it guarantees me a spot. But in the meantime, I had to bust out my trusty gore-tex jacket, to keep me dry in the rain. I put my hand in my right pocket and found a toonie. SCORE! Feeling lucky I put my hand in my left pocket and found an anchor. *KA-THUD* The tiny little glass pebble that Lindz gave me at my first meeting. A touch stone to remind me of my weight goal and the inner resources that I have to achieve it. It's hard (like my journey), round (like me) and indestructible (like my spirit and determination SHOULD be). So perhaps I did find my willpower again. It was just in my pocket waiting for me to come back. So, what's your anchor? Do you believe in them? Have you lost it somewhere along the way?
**image from Fishmonk on SXU***


Shirls said...

as soon as I reached goal, I started looking for a necklace with a star on it, after all in your WW docs, a star represents good stuff :0) took me to the following spring to find what I wanted but if you look at any picture of me since that time, its a very rare day I'm not wearing my star, I look at it, I get reminded of how hard it was to earn my star and how much I refuse to go back to how I was before. Without thinking I will rub it, while standing in front of tempation and then I change my mind and walk away, granted not every time but it does work..

I really like your rock, seriously its a great thing.

Nia a.k.a. Genea said...

Hi Mouse!

Your post got me thinking about my anchor... I decided to choose a picture of me when I was nearly at goal back in 2005 before my stalker incident... everything went downhill after he appeared. I now have the picture with me as a reminder that nobody should get in the way of my goals (weight or others) ever again!

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