Where's the love?

I went with my dad to his WW meeting this morning.
I'm up. We won't discuss that. I'll come clean with my weight next week (it's not higher than the start weight I had in December, though...well, at least not yet).
So I'm listening to all of the ladies there talk about their short-term goals, hardships and victories this week.
One lady got to goal today, on the two year anniversary of her joining weight watchers no less. It was pretty special.
She was talking about how it made a difference, how she's doing it for life and how she loves to exercise now.
I saw myself from two years ago sitting there in front of me.
Where's my love? Where's my passion for it gone? Where is this "tracking is second nature" crap?
Granted, I hauled my ass out of bed at the ass-crack of dawn and ran to the east-end (which was just under 8km, to my surprise), but really - I think I only did that to make sure I wasn't more than my start weight when I stepped on the scale.
But this week I'm going to focus on the short-term, just like the leader Maureen focused on today.
-Good Healthy Guidelines
and loving each of them *gag*
Now, what are YOU focusing on this week for it to be a success?
Where's your love?


Vanessa said...

If I continue to feel half-decent I'm going to get back to upping my exercise!

Amy said...

I'm with you Marie. My love for running is pretty much non-existent these days. I run, because I feel like I HAVE to. I'm hoping that my love will return with my next training session... but training for a May race means training in the heat. I hate to sweat. Go figure.

I've recently started to love group fitness again. I'm hooked! :)

Jen said...

You'll find your love again - just stick with it, thats the most important thing.
It's nice that you went with your dad - thats cool.
My leaders name is Maureen too - where was the meeting you went to?

fatbridesmaid said...

This week I'm going to try to rediscover my love for the gym. I've been slacking big time, and it's making me feel like a slug.

Here's hoping we both find some love this week!

Vickie said...

I told my pilates instructor that you were still running outside in the snow - and she was impressed - she said she is on the treadmill (and hating it).

marie said...

@wheebs feel better
@amy I admire your commitment to group fitness! I should use more classes at GL
@jen kingston rd. united church in the beach(es)
@Fb don't forget those jeans that made you feel smokin hot
@vickie I hate treadmills. HATE. them. I wish I could find a pilates class around here but I'm poor too...

Angie All The Way said...

Just like that? 8k? If you can put your sneaks on and run 8k even if it's because you felt you "had to" you can get back into the grove! You've GOT the brain power to get your head back into play.
I would imagine that you are feeling disappointed with yourself for slipping up, but I just know that once you get into the grove and the scale rewards you consistently again, you'll feel the love again. Feet first, brain follows...

My routine has seriously lacked exercise for at least a YEAR and that is now what I am concentrating on. I have never been in a physical position to truly give it 100% both on the food AND exercise front at once for any significant period of time, so that is what I am trying to do now. And for the first friggin time in my LIFE I am having fun with exercise - and I think it's because i'm not doing it at the dreaded GYM! I HATE the gym. It's where people go to punish themselves.

MizFit said...

where's my love.
good question.

lately it has been all about other people's love (hello husband and child and sister!).

Vickie said...

have you tried pilates DVD's from the library (or netflix if you belong) or on TV? I can do just as well with a DVD as a class - I think that somewhere in my brain I don't want to disrupt class (even on a TV that I can turn off) and think the instructor can 'see me'. . .I always was a teacher pleaser. . .

Sara said...

I'm having a tough time finding that old Sara too, I really wish I could find her though!

Me - my goal this week is the Cda's Health Guidelines, following them by tracking. And exercising this weekend!

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