Google Me This

Seriously, I think the Google searches that bring people to my blog are better than any post that I could have possibly dreamed up... Unfortunately Google Webmaster tools aren't collecting as much anymore. Need to solve that bad boy.
  • Gym where big girls can feel comfortable - I suggest trying your own skin first. That's the only way anyone will feel good in a gym
  • Wanna take a bite of you. just a little nibble. how should i take that if a man says that to me? - Um, kinky. But really didn't need to know...
  • sumo ass gerbil - Say what? This one puzzles me. I'm picturing two different things, neither of which are pleasant but one is making me laugh.
  • what's the mouse weigh someone has lifted - You mean most, right? This mouse is a weakling so let's not discuss what she lifts
  • girls ass hurts - OMIGAWD! Did you do Chad's bootcamp too?!?!
  • metaphor for my life - I don't know about you, but my life is like a bra that's been put on wrong
  • minnie mouse over the years - A little disney obsessed?
  • Paul Plakas - Seriously, people! This should really be directing you to Amy's blog, and not mine :P
  • when should you be jealous- If you have to ask, perhaps you have a problem. Live your life, not someone else's.
  • Telus paid sick days - The funny thing is this came from a Telus IP. Have you tried your HR dept?




GBU - 21.1km edition

Good - I finished the Scotia Waterfront Half Marathon for the second time! Bad - I was about seven minutes slower than last year. Ugly - I ran for about three kilometres in SEVERE pain. Perhaps ugly should be retitled as STUPID. Good - Seeing so many people come out, run and "celebrate health," as John Stanton put it. Bad - Seeing people lose their breakfast on the route. Ugly - Seeing a poor girl trip and fall at about 15km. Good - Finishing upright and smiling. Bad - Spending the rest of the day horizontal and in pain. Ugly - Spending some of that time bent over losing my lunch. Post-race migraines blow. Good - Running as the sun makes it ascent into the sky. Bad - Wearing a long sleeve shirt as the day starts to warm up. Ugly - The guy in the Elvis costume who was obviously overdressed for the occasion. Sweaty mess, he was. Good - Yummy, fit men who feel the need to take off their shirts running. Hello, eye-candy! Bad - Imaging the sight if I took off my shirt as I start to overheat. Ugly - Wondering what the hell I'm doing there in the first place among the fit and fabulous. Good - Another race completed! Bad - Putting my body through torture for a sport I don't really understand why I'm so into... Ugly - Counting down the days until the next one on October 19th. Ugh.


Being a Starbucks Whore is a Good Thing

Registering your Starbucks card is just about the best thing you can do. From free syrup to having $5.00 magically appear on your card, the company rewards loyalty (even if they gouge you for coffee). This week, they sent me a little note advertising their new breakfast offering, oatmeal, and I could sample this for free! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! So of course I'm in for this seeing that I love oatmeal a helluva lot. The serving ends up being 2 points and you can choose toppings of brown sugar (1 pt), dried fruit (2 pts) or a nut medley (3 pts). So off I went to get my americano and try this sucker out. It turns out who you get to prepare it matters as mine looked far too watery. I chose the fruit because I'm nuts enough as it is and sugar is kind of boring. It gave it a nice flavour but the oatmeal itself was really soup like. I honestly could have prepared it better on my own. It's a great option for something HEALTHIER on the run instead of a pumpkin scone (*swoon*). I'm all for it, just keep an eye on the barista making it.


Enthusiasm Curbed

Um...so I'm running a half this weekend.... *yay* Pardon my lack of excitement. I just am not really into it this year. I've had a great time training for it with super fantastic people but I've really lost my will to run, I think. I'm going to have another crack at it on the 19th of October as I was conned it was suggested to me by a loveable little chef on the side. I know I say it's not really doing anything for me now, but I do have a lot to look forward to:
  • The wicked swag in my race kit
  • A nice flat course with great cheering stations and bands
  • The beautiful view of TO's western beaches
  • Seeing a WW board buddy run her first half
  • Getting chased down toward the chute by my brother carrying a scone (I don't know that he'll be able to do that for Scotia, but it will be THE highlight of Toronto
  • Seeing many of my RR peeps finish our goal race, many of them for the first time
  • Getting passed by the top finishers of the full on Bay Street
  • And collecting one of these in the end

No matter what happens, no matter how crappy my time is, I'll make the most of it and cheer on everyone around me.

It may be a race, but I'm not competing against anyone there but myself.

It's just another Sunday run...with over 10,000 of my closest friends ;)


Cereal Killer

I have a new found addiction.
Now, I am NOT usually a cereal eater, but have been known to snack on these bad boys when I'm at my parents house (they usually have the maple ones). So when I saw them on sale at NoFrills the other day, I thought they would be good to have around for when I have a craving for something sweet, because a 3 point small handful is better than eating a cheesecake.
The bad thing is I've been having them for breakfast and as a snack, and I've ploughed through the box in just four days. FOUR DAYS!
AND I put fruit on top of it in the morning *gasp*.
So, have you found anything interesting in your grocery store lately that you are hooked on?
Apparently I need to branch out.


I have the POWER!!

Oh He-man...sigh. I bought a muffin this morning. I don't need a muffin, I just saw it there and wanted it in my NyQuil/DayQuil induced haze. It's corn, my favourite. It has cheese on the top. You know how I feel about the cheese. It has been sitting on my desk for five minutes now. I will see how long I can avoid it. Bets on when I'll crack? And please don't tell me to throw it out (although I know you will because you're all super supportive and stuff). I can't bear to think about this poor little corn muffin wasting away in my trash bin. And GO!


A Haiku for You

Gremlins in my nose Trash can full of Kleenex Buckleys tastes like crap.



My favourite little monsters left me a present this weekend; a cold. Up until this year, I had pretty much been cold free for a year and a bit. But taking public transportation daily and then hanging out with munchkins this weekend, I have caught something. It's only just starting but I already feel like a trainwreck with a sinus headache, the sniffles, sneezes and a scratchy throat. I'm in dire need of some tried and true remedies to keep me healthy for the half this weekend. Anything out of the norm? A favourite over-the-counter remedy? Gran's secret homemade trick? Retreating to a bubble until the gremlins fall out of my nose? Help a mouse out.


Need a kick in the ass?

Join Angie's biggest loser challenge. Seriously. I'm impressed with everyone that has joined so far and will be rooting for each and every one of you! Go here if you have no clue what I'm talking about and want in on the action.


The simple life

So almost three weeks ago, I embarked on my solo journey in life. It's been weird adjusting to my own place, finding new routines, etc. but also exciting. I thought I was pretty set in terms of the necessities for living but keep finding things that I do not have yet but there are minor things here and there that I still have to get. One of them is NOT a microwave. I'm making a conscious choice not to buy or use one, with the exception of work. I remember that Sara had done the same thing recently and it really inspired me (mostly because she's wicked cool). So far I haven't really missed it. I'm still making a few portions of pasta and rice at a time and putting them away in the fridge. I've been successful in just using my pots and pans to reheat everything at once and make the same fabulous meals I always do (which was a pork chop, whole wheat penne, broccoli and spinach in PC Memories of Dad's Grill, Maple, Apple & Beer Sauce last night). If I was the type of girl who hated her food all mixed together, I'm not sure how successful I'd be :P Although it takes me few extra minutes to make my meals each night, I don't really miss it. Is there something you use every day out of convenience that you could never part with?


Seen and Heard...

"You have THE nicest parents. I love them." This was what came out of a leader's mouth shortly after I was introduced to him last night. And he's right; I'm one of the luckiest people around. My parents give so much to the community through their YEARS of activities with their church, scouting, girl guides, etc., and ask for nothing in return. Simple recognition like that, from one of their peers, is priceless.


There goes another night...

Thanks for all of your suggestions. The thing is, I do keep busy most nights with the gym and running. I do already knit, but not as much as I used to. Plus I know how to sew, etc. (I'm a happy homemaker waiting to happen, I swear!), so learning things like that are already done. But I realized that I do have another thing to keep me busy. Mom and Dad came over last night to drop off some bookshelves I needed and my mom reminded me of it. "Are you still going to help your Dad with Scouts on Tuesdays?" EUREKA! Apparently my Dad had been scared to ask me again, since I had agreed to it in June, but of course I was willing to help him out. See, once upon a time, about 15 years ago, I was a scout. That was the first year they allowed females to join and I was one of the first to sign up in the GTA. I have the GREATEST time hanging out with my Daddy-o and his scout troop (including camping, as seen here in the fall of 2006). Helping children find a love of the outdoors, learning new skills and being active will be great. Let's just hope I don't want to string any of them up by their toenails after 30 minutes. So there's one night a week down. Only a few more to think about. :)


Fill 'er up!

I am alone. Yup. This whole experiment into true Independence has smacked me something fierce in the face. And I have realized I've been stuffing my face. I've always been a boredom eater and overeater versus an emotional one. I just have to sit there and have little to do in order to feel "hungry." With being absolutely by myself, there's no one to stop me from heading to the cupboards to whip something together or question what I'm doing eating a bag of chips when I just had dinner. Or stop me at the front door as I go to hunt for cookies. I don't know if maybe it actually is an emotional thing because I'm lonely too, but I know that I had the same habits and would do the same thing when I was surrounded by others. But this time there is no one to answer to or stop to remind me that I don't NEED it. Nothing is out of control yet, which is good, but it leaves me feeling sort of disgusted with myself. I strive to make good choices when grocery shopping but then go and blow it with a simple walk to the video store or home from running. But the buck stops here, my friends. No more night time nibblies. So, what tricks do you use to stave off the boredom munchies? What do you do to fill spare time at home?


Go With Your Gut

Everyone has a few goals in life. Earn a degree, own a home, find a career they're passionate about, perhaps get married and pop out little people, save the world's cheese from listeria... We all have had goals of losing substantial amounts of weight for health or vanity reasons. For me, it was about my health over *looking* a certain way. And then an adorable little birdie asked me a question the other day about why, if I was upset over the melted wax like appearance of my gut, would I not get plastic surgery done.... The short and the long of it is that I would KILL for abdominoplasty but there are other things on my list of to dos that come first. Now, there are a couple of notable success stories who have come SO FAR in weight loss and have had the aprons on their abdomens removed. I am always insanely jealous of them. But they're in different positions in their lives that they could either afford to do it or have the support of significant others and their families in order to do it. Although I dream about this often, I am not in the right place in my life to do so. Money is a key factor, of course. I would much prefer to own a home before getting my extra folds lopped off. Right now, my job situation affects my ability to purchase a place, but I would much rather keep the money where it is and continue to let it grow rather than spending it on a surgery. Plus, I do want to have children one day. To go ahead now and get it done NOW, I feel as though I may be disappointed AGAIN with my belly after it's been stretched out to accommodate munchkins. I think my displeasure with my stomach comes and goes with my happiness with my scale. When my scale gives me good numbers...frig - who am I kidding? I'm the one REALLY in control of the numbers! Rather, when I'm eating well and feeling good, I am NOT focused on my belly. It's only in times where I know I've been slipping that I truly HATE it. Some days I have lower self-esteem and a poorer self image than others, that's all. But it's really my own making. Only I can choose my destiny and I have a lot that I have to accomplish before having a flatter stomach. A positive self-image can't be purchased. I really have to rock what I've got. And one day...if I can...I'll aim for a little less of it.


Shakira's hips don't lie

And in my case, I think it's my ankles. They tell me a story every day and I haven't been really been listening to them up until now. "Bitch - what's up with all of the running? We aren't built for this crap!" Before I felt hobbled with my knees, but the pain there has disappeared, I think because I take the time to stretch and ice. But what the hell do you do for ankles?! I often wonder why I'm running now. Don't get me wrong, yesterday I had a great run (well, up until it started raining on my sorry behind), but I don't see myself improving in any way, shape or form. In fact, I'm running slower now, mostly to avoid migraines after runs. See, it's not just my aching ankles that I have to think about! I obviously don't take care of my body as well as I used to and it's telling me stories that I need to listen to. Or maybe I just need new shoes. Blah. Do you always listen to your body and slow down or figure you no pain, no gain? What would you be heartbroken to give up if your body started to quit on you?


Because I'm a big geek

he he he he. Look at those girls work it out! You'd think they'd inspire me to get my butt to the gym instead of loaf around my apartment... I'm glad they're getting in their APs today, because I'm sitting around watching tv and unpacking here and there. I wish I was that bendy...


Not the cheese!

If you're living in Canada (that big country north of the 49th for our friends in the USA), you're FULLY aware of the Maple Leaf Foods listeria hysteria. I won't go into it much but will provide the Google news search link for your reading (dis)pleasure. This really hasn't affected me because I have the great, good fortune of having a food sensitivity to processed meats/luncheon meats. Sammiches are a rarity for me and if I ever have one, it's plain ol' turkey for me and nothing else. But now this craziness has reached new levels of nutters. They're going after what is most precious to me... CHEESE! Torontoist and CBC reported last week that Toronto Health was cracking down on some of TO's finest cheese shops, fining them for varying degrees of violations and giving them conditional passes (based on our food safety/health inspection regs) in the wake of this crisis. But NOW there is a recall on Ivanho Cheese, which includes different types of cheddar, marble, asiago, havarti, gouda, parmesan, swiss, feta, colby and mozarella sold at grocery stores and deli counters across Ontario. So. Not. IMPRESSED. I just find it weird that in an an age where we're trying to avoid all that is processed and eat healthy, you folks can't get your crap together and perhaps make it so you don't recall our spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, meat and cheese every three months? ESPECIALLY the cheese. kplzthx!


I am branching out...

I must be maturing. I just bought a basket of plums and a basket of peaches from a coworker. Yes, that's right - I'm giving fruit a chance. *gulp*


Boxes and Boohoos

For four years I've called this place home. It was my first foray into adulthood, leaving the comfort of my parents nest and striking out onto my own (albeit with my younger brother) into this big house in the middle of the big city. But now it's a shell of its former self, filled with boxes of memories, good times and my life, some packed neatly and with care, others tossed together careless and with haste. And all that's left in my big, enviable room is a mattress on the floor and the beautiful sunrise. Today starts a new chapter in my life that scares the crap out of me. And I kind of feel as empty as this room.
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