I ♥ my new job!

and I f*ckin hate photobucket! But I guess that's what you get for leaving a job where you could abuse servers at work to host all of your images for free, having to find a free source to host and having a popular site. I came home to find all of my images replaced by errors. Apparently you guys helped me go over my 25GB limit pretty darn quickly in a month and I had to upgrade to pro or sit without a header until the 12th. Yeah, right. But back to my job. I thought I'd be having a nice day of, "this is the photocopier...this is your phone...this is how you turn on your computer...," but instead got thrown right into the fire. Let's just say I didn't even get to finish my coffee. Kick Ass. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. But ask me again in a few months and we'll see if I'm singing the same tune :P


Internet Dating - Blogger Styles

I walked down Yonge St. with my head slightly down wondering if I'd be silently judged... Would they be thinking "she's chubbier than she said she is" or think I'm a bit on the short side? Or perhaps think I look NOTHING like my pics? And maybe wonder what the hell is stuck in my teeth ?!?!?!?! With those things swirling around in my head, I pulled open the door to the Starbucks (yeah, I'm not that creative, I know) and looked my coffee date face-to-face. Let me just say that Sara is SUCH a cutie! Justin - WATCH OUT! That's right my friends! I thought I'd extend my streak and add in another blogger meeting by sneaking in a coffee date with Sara. It's too bad I'm not going to be working around the corner from her anymore because it would be so cool to have a friendly face to meet up with once in awhile and chin wag about weight watchers stuff or even run with!! Online can be such a lonely place and it's great that we forage such deep friendships through blogging but then we go to meet people and get so incredibly nervous about what the other thinks of us, if they'll accept us, like us for who we are or if we ramble on too much about ourselves (which I can be totally guilty of if you get me one-on-one, not so much if you get me in a larger group). Lately I have really been thinking about meetings and it's probably because I want that dynamic of meeting more people who have more of that in common with me and I can communicate with about weight loss issues, exercise, etc. All in all, I wish I could meet every one of you, but I'm thankful for the opportunities I get to meet the wicked, cool Tdot people like Sara (and Sarah and Mer :P). and I promise I won't con anymore of you into running 10k with me. Ok, I lied. You all need to sign up. See Sarah for deets :P

GBU - Last Day Edition

Good - WOOT! My ass is outta here! Bad - I think someone is going to cry Ugly - It ain't going to be me and I don't handle crying people well Good - Last pay cheques - WOOT! WOOT! Bad - TAXES?! WTF?! Ugly - My reaction on the bookkeeper. We're at the end of a pay period PLUS I need him to pay out my vacation from last year and the 4 per cent gross from this year. Two cheques would have been smart, asshat. Bye bye, extra grand! Good - Silence in my office so far Bad - Hearing yelling outside of it as people are scrambling to do things and they can't ask me for help Ugly - Me saying, "sorry! I don't work here" muahahahhahahahah Good - I had dinner with Mer and Sarah last night. They are BOTH as cute as can be. I know this has nothing to do with my last day but it rocked! Bad - Sara couldn't make it out. That made me sad :( Ugly - It was Indian again and although I thought I chose something safe, my tummy didn't like me AGAIN...but I secretly wished for more corn bread...sigh Good - I actually came here today instead of hiding in my bed all day Bad - I'll probably sneak out after lunch and go to the gym like I've been doing all week Ugly - I have the sneaking suspicion they may try and throw a lunch party but I pray to God they won't. Pizza and wings is not for me - it's for THEM Good - I really am leaving on a high note Bad - I will never get to say "Screw you all! I'm the best thing that ever happened to this company and you'll regret treating me so poorly!" Ugly - I'm sure I'll regret typing out most of this when my future employer finds my blog...tee hee


"I want you to try and give up bread"

and that's when I almost dropped the 22.5lb weights on my feet. Apparently eavesdropping on trainers and their clients at the gym is not a safe practice... I've watched this trainer with many of her clients before and she was the only one I respected before, well, until now. She is the only one that pays attention, kicks their asses and mixes up their workouts according to their fitness levels and what they want to achieve. But when she tried to play the part of nutritionist last night, I was TOTALLY perturbed. She was going on about how red meat is bad for you, how she can't stand pork and how this poor lady needs to cut out bread and pasta in order to shed those pounds she's paying the trainer to help her lose. "But I find that I do eat well and don't eat a lot of bread," said the cute little client. "My problem has always been portion sizes." "Yeah, well I find that gluten is really the problem with people in losing those stubborn pounds," she rambled on, not really paying attention. "You need to cut out those refined sugars and you're going to see a difference. I did" GOOD FREAKIN LORD! LISTEN TO YOUR CLIENT, WOMAN!! SHE'S NOT YOU! But the client's innocent curiosity was the BEST! "How many of your clients have tried this and have been successful? Do they stick to it for long?" "Well, I only have one on it...and she's really stubborn...." BAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAH WHAT THE BLOODY HELL?!?!?!?! Seriously - the girl had the solution to her own problem. She has portion distortion. She knows she has to eat more whole grains and smaller portions. She obviously just isn't in the right frame of mind to do it yet. Kudos to her for first making a change to get her booty shaking at the gymbo and trying to get fit. She'll soon realize she needs to change up her diet too, but don't make her dive head first off of the deep end just yet. Moderation is the key to success. I'll sneak you a sammich girly. Meet me in the locker room at 4 p.m.


Indecisive and Irritable

Still not making any decision about the scrumper. Although you all think I have my mind made up, I don't. I thank you all for your comments on the situation though, it gave me A LOT to think about and I appreciate EVERY point of view. I do not appreciate coming into work here today though, being asked questions that are not my responsibility to keep track of and I am so glad to be leaving in two days. I had an immature blow out with with most immature person in the office and he's lucky I didn't throw a shoe in his face, because I was actually ready to (and it SERIOUSLY crossed my mind [how lame is that?]). The only reason I'm still sitting here at my desk RIGHT now is because I have a prospect who needs bucket loads of help and I feel some sense of obligation to help him out because the boss is on vacation and if I don't give a hoot around here with new clients, no one does. So much for leaving here on a high note...


What's a mouse to do...

So I have BIG changes ahead of me this week.


I spent last night with good people and good food, making me feel REALLY good about what lies ahead for me.

Then I spent this morning gathering together some new business casual clothes for my new job, because a mouse has to look good for her new jobbo, ya know.

...and she managed to score two new pairs of shoes for 65 bucks (pointy toe brown boots and a new pair of ballet flats). Then two new sweaters, two long sleeve tops and two tanks tops from Jacob for only 60 bucks.

Yes, I felt like I was ROBBING the Eaton Centre.

But I feel like I need to make OTHER changes too...

Last night we had a run in with some drunken Irish men while with the lovely GDT ladies. Now, run ins with drunken Irish men are nothing new to me. That's like a family gathering. But these guys were not just drunk, they were slurring, can't stand up, touchy feely drunk - not always fun.

What wasn't fun was that one of them, although he was adorable, came up to me to try his Irish charm on me only to tell me that my scrumper ring (see pic if you have no clue what it is)was horrible.

Well, what a horrible thing to say to a perfect stranger I said.

Luckily I didn't really take it to heart, but taking the ring out has been in the back of my mind for the last three weeks. It's been with me for the same amount of time as I have been at my current job. I think if I'm moving forward in life, maybe I need to shed it too.

Granted, the new jobbo has said nothing about it...and I don't even know if they noticed it. Heck - most people think it's either a) food stuck in my teeth or b) a brace on my teeth.

Can you even see it there? <---- Didn't think so.

Don't mind my arse face and loverly toque. That's my weekend look. It's makes the boyses come a running, dontcha know ;)

But give me your thoughts - scrumper in or out.


Big Bad Buffets

Well, as you may have read on Sarah's blog, we're off to yet another GDT GTG tonight. This one is at Kama for a little Indian buffet. *sigh* Oddly enough, I get an email from Runner's World with an article on portion distortion yesterday. Coincidence? Makes ya wonder. I've written before about how my family are buffet junkies. Birthdays, anniversaries, Friday nights - whenever they wanted to get their feed on. And the type of food served up didn't matter either nor the time of day. Breakfast? Brunch? Chinese? Italian? BRING IT ON! But the stats around eating and over eating, especially can be kind of scary. They say we eat 92 per cent of what we serve ourselves and we can't account for most of the calories on those plates. WONDERFUL! And they say at restaurants, low lighting and tables with more people increase your chances of packing more in... hmm...I believe there are about 20 of us tonight and it doesn't look like it's brightly lit. Je suis le screwed. But wait - a saving grace! I have NO CLUE ABOUT INDIAN FOOD! HUZZAH! Last time I had it, my tummy was in knots for hours after so I will most probably stick to rice, meat with out crazy sauces and anything with veggies. And hopefully they have small plates. And Sarah - I fully expects smacks too!


Things that can make your day...

"I was thinking about you last night," says old, random guy I used date/see/whatever. "Why is that?", asks curious mouse, as she rarely speaks to said boy as he has a troubled past that mouse wants to keep her nose clear out of but wishes him no ill (but does like to know he's a-ok). "I was thinking about the people who are inspiring and who will remember me when I'm gone," he went on... And that's when she got confused and he realized it. "I'm just saying you're a cool chick. You went and lost bucket loads of weight and became a crazy runner chick and you helped me out when I was down and out..." You never realize how much of an impact you have on someone's life when you're in a moment I guess. I thought I was just a throw away person to him. Someone who he could use when convenient but I cared about his health and well-being because he was sort of troubled. It's amazing to see that I was more than just a distraction in his life, that he does pay attention to what is going on in my life when he hits me up for updates and that the information in my life does matter. I even challenged him to make a change and try something new that I hope sticks for him. Because he deserves a little sunshine in his life....for blowing a little sunshine up my arse :P


That's not a burger!

So I'm watching Breakfast Television this morning and contemplating NOT getting out of my warm cozy bed because a) my back is so freakin sore that I was quite comfy laying on my side and NOT moving and b) work is becoming a freakin chore (they are REALLY trying to get their money's worth out of me in the home stretch).

They had on former Leafs great Wendel Clark (why do they call him "great", by the way? Was he really SOOOO great? Did he win a cup? Any titles besides team badass and general crap disturber? Meh...I'll drop this now because he does seem like a sweet guy. I just hate when they introduce him that way. By the way, the Habs trounced the Bruins last night in a game where if I laced them up I could have scored a few.) who was promoting a new restaurant up at entertainment central in Woodbridge.

He had this big burger that Dina was fascinated with...but all I could think of was that it was NO match to the burger that I would regularly consume in my youth and that probably contributed to my health weight gain...

Ahhhh sweet Wimpy's...how I miss you so (and Jeep - I recently discovered one at University and Dundas. ON Y VA!). The burgers are the size of your plate. NO JOKE.

Don't believe me?

See that? It's actually almost the size of the plate.

See those fries? They normally don't come on the plate as there's no room. I think they just threw them on there as decoration. They usually give you a side plate of them.

This is not like a weight watcher cake box where items are enlarged to show texture - no, no. These motherlovers are HUGE.

And the kicker? We didn't just eat a burger. No, no.

We had a "rookie" meal which consisted of a burger (and not the kid's sweet pea burger, either), a side of onion rings or fries PLUS one of their milkshakes.

And then I wonder WHY I had high cholesterol, etc....

And I wonder why I crave one like MAD right now...

Take that Wendel Clark.


I thought I was just going to *look*

But I came out inked. Don't mind the terrible jammie pants, messy room or fuzzy pics (thanks for trying, jeep). But there she is! My claddagh over my wide arse. I got it done at Yonge Street Tattoo by the lovely Christian (who really is lovely and has KICKASS taste in music. Awesome loud, screamy stuff that would make other people's ears bleed). Seriously - all the guy did was photocopy my ring, looked at my pre-existing tat (a shamrock and a maple leaf) and came up with the pretty lil thing I gots there. I'm very pleased, except for the pain. I was in A LOT more pain then I ever felt the three previous times I went for tats and my entire body twitched from start to finish. I guess number five is completely out of the question now. Maybe I'll wait for the memory of the pain to subside and give it a go....we'll have to see :) I am enjoying the lovehandles on these shots though. Thank you, kick in the ass! ***EDIT*** JUST in case you aren't sure what a claddagh is, it's a traditional Irish wedding band (not just the ring that Angel gave Buffy like someone once told me in high school). You can find different histories about the claddagh here, here and here. The ring means different things each way it's worn; Your heart is open when worn on the right hand crown facing in, your heart is being considered on the right crown facing out and your heart is taken when your ring is worn on the left. It's traditional for all members of my mother's family to have them and I've had one since I was eight. It's just that I've always lost, broken or needed them resized, so I thought I'd have one permanently etched on me. My Irish heritage is a HUGE part of who I am and I take that with me everyday...now I take it with me in ink too.

Mouse's Brain Spilled on the Floor...

  • I am beyond tired yet all I did was clean up a teeny bit yesterday
  • I quit last week yet I think I've worked HARDER in those three days than I have in the last three months
  • I feel burnt out
  • I should have built some vacation time in between my notice and the day I start the new jobbo
  • Digital Devil shows 146.2. Better than a kick in the face with a golf shoe AND the 150 it was showing before, but not the 140 is used to show. I'll take it for now and work harder this week
  • No running AT ALL this weekend. I am le sad
  • My fear of dogs increased - my brother's puppy is SCARY and nipped my foot while I was asleep on his couch
  • My nieces have costumes from almost every Disney movie imaginable...but none that fit me and I'm a bit jealous
  • I bought them each Webkinz for Christmas this year...I should have bought one for myself. Those are freakin KICKASS. Was it you that was blogging about them before, Mel? I sooo understand now!
  • I tried dark peanut M&M's last night - They suck arse ...and I love peanut M&Ms
  • I also found peanut M&Ms from Christmouse under a chair in my living room when I was cleaning yesterday. I was uber impressed
  • I also found a beer bottle, a used glass with some sort of red liquid in it, stepped on a beer cap in my bare feet and found a mystery bowl under my coffee table. Enjoyable
  • My new tattoo design is ready but I don't know what I have to do about it since I only got second hand information about it
  • I will stop bitching now because this post sounds like a real downer


Success is truly what you make it

I got up at the ass crack of dawn today and thought I'd join my dear old dad at his weight watchers meeting in the beaches this morning. Pops is down .8 this week (go Dad!!), but still refuses to count points (booourns). I tried bribing him into following the program by sweetening the deal a little while ago... I've told him that WHEN he reaches 30lbs lost (note: there is no IF here), he will receive a brand new iPod nano from yours truly for a job well done. But Pops has come up with a myriad of excuses which we've all used day in and day out for reasons why we haven't tracked, have eaten too much, felt we didn't need to follow the guidelines, point system, food guide, etc. We even had a little discussion about these excuses over coffee after his meeting. But I really enjoyed his meeting. I saw my old friend from elementary school Karen, a oldbie from my gym, some ladies from my parents' church and just random beachers I've seen in the 'hood from my childhood. It's nice to actually SEE people get excited and announce 3.2lb losses or talk about plateaus rather than just read about them, and it was good to sit there and EXPLAIN the literature to my dad to try and help him put the plan into action, as he doesn't quite get how it all works, despite watching me count points for the last two and a half years. The cutest part was watching him go up to his leader after the meeting to ask for a kick start guide. My dad is a TOTAL flirt with any and all women and it's frickin adorable. What I DIDN'T know watching across the room was that goofy little grin on his face and the slight redness was because he was explaining he had brought ME to the meeting and he was bragging about my success on the program. Next thing I know the cutest little leader known to man is bouncing over to me, congratulating me on all of my successes and wanting to know all about my success story... Yeah, I often wonder about it too.... But right there - that's all I need. My adorable little dad crowing about me to his little weight watchers pals, beaming with pride, facing that scale every week, trying his best to lose just 30lbs so he can lead a longer life and facing the wrath of those receptionists who ask him why he even bothers some weeks. So Weight Watchers can keep my story if they don't want to publish it. I've got my dad on the case. and I'll keep on his case too. Who knows - maybe one day they'll publish his story instead.


Spread the looooooooove

If you've never read Krissie's blog, you should. She oozes positivity and she rivals me as the biggest starbucks junkie in North America (lucky for her, she's south of the 49th parallel so we won't have to have a "who can order a drink the right way" showdown). Yesterday she challenged people to right a list about acknowledging what we love about ourselves, seeing as there's a lot of people poo-pooing what's not so great in their lives (as it is the season to try and reassess the damage and make amends...). I'm always up for a challenge... 1. What do you absolutely love about your body? My eyes. They're a wicked ass colour; blue on the edges, then green with brown speckles. If you say hazel I'll kick you in the shins. My parents have hazel eyes and mine are NOT. 2. When did you surprise yourself with your physical strength? LONG time ago when I could move tables at a rec centre all by myself with no help. But then again, I was always pretty butchy and intimidating. 3. When were you braver than you ever thought you could be? hmmmm...I think that might have been the other day when I quit my job. I've actually been here for six and a half years; part time since 2001, full time since the end of 2003. It was a HARD decision but the best thing for my mental health and career growth. 4. When did your self-control blow you away? I think the first time I had one and half plates at a buffet, and the first one was salad. My family is NOTORIOUS for having birthday gatherings at a buffet restaurant of the celebrant's choosing. It didn't hit me how in control of my self I was until I sat there and was FULL from eating just veggies, then some meat, rice and more veggies. But then I lack it at other times...that blows me away too :( 5. What is your proudest moment ever? so far, finishing my first half marathon. I couldn't run to the end of the block to catch a bus and now I can run 21k? It still baffles me and gives me the chills thinking about it. 6. When was the last time you felt absolutely beautiful? It's really odd...but when my dad looks at me with glassy eyes, moves my hair out of my face, has this proud look on his face and asks me who replaced his mouser with such a pretty girl. Or when Sydney says, "Marie, you look very pretty today" and I ask her what she wants. 7. Why do you deserve to meet your goals? Well, I met them once before because of hard work and dedication, so I definitely deserved to meet them. That's the only way anyone deserves to get there. You have to work for them. You don't magically get granted wishes and dreams. It takes hard work and you can have the job you want, the house you want and the weight loss you deserve too. Fight for it. Love yourself. You're worth it.


GBU - moving on edition

Good - I have news! Bad - I want to share news but news hasn't been broken to right parties in appropriate ways as they haven't been around to give said news in proper manners, which that party did not acknowledge Ugly - I am going to be inappropriate and unprofessional in three...two...one...I resigned. But my boss wasn't in the office to receive my resignation letter so I also EMAILED him a copy and alerted him to the fact that it was there and received notice that he deleted it without reading it Good - I have a new job! Bad - I now have to commute Ugly - I get ugly and make passive aggressive comments on transit. Me? Passive aggressive? I KNOW! Who would have thunk it! Good - I will NOW be putting my education to good use! YAY! Bad - I will now be cut off from your blogs all day long Ugly - Working for money? WHAT?! Good - More writing! WOOT! Bad - My writing has declined over the years severely! Ugly - I wrote yeras in the last sentence ...TWICE. They're so going to fire my ass in two weeks Good - The Boss has now acknowledged my letter Bad - All he said was "I received it" Ugly - Does that mean I should kiss my ass good-bye today instead of in two weeks? Perhaps that's a Good instead and I should be booking a vacay to Bahamas with Jammer Good - This jobbie thing is doing wonders for my health; I'm eating so well, I'm exercising like a mofo and the digital devil is playing NICE (showing an almost 4lb loss from that high a week or so ago) Bad - My ass hurts when I sit down Ugly - Those tight jeans still aren't fitting Good - This change strikes off one goal on my new year's resolutions Bad - they asked me about one of my others in the interview, the dreaded license... Ugly - onto driver's ed we go! I get training wheels, right?


Can I just say that I ♥ that

Four new people stumbled upon my blog yesterday? I don't know where you came from but you ladies are so cute! I got SOME of my news yesterday but there is no OFFICIAL word until later today...so you'll have to wait until tomorrow. NYAH NYAH. I LOVE that you all thought it was a boy though. Oddly enough I got rid of a boy yesterday. I like how I sneak them in and out of my life without really telling anyone like wardrobe pieces. See, I'm pretty much convinced that I am undateable and can't figure out why, so I never introduce guys to my family beyond jeepers, if that, so if you ever get introduced to a guy on my blog, be certain that the leafs will be playing for the stanley cup in hades that day my friends! But on to our topic at hand....food, fitness and the other f word I hate. Food - been super stellar lately. I have been SOOOOO within my points it's NOT even funny, even with a little sushi treat for dins and a cadbury thin bar as an afternoon snackiepoo. Fitness - my noob kickin arse did 5k on the gerbil wheel and half an hour of weights plus ten mins of stretching/core F@t- down three pounds in the last week. It seems when my router at home is on the fritz, my digital devil plays nice - who knew? I don't know about this sunshine and lollipops thing though. Rainbows coming out my ass are starting to hurt...or maybe those were the sumo squats.....either way, permahappiness must go. GBU may be in order tomorrow.


It's funny how one GOOD day

Can totally change your attitude. I was having an AWESOME day yesterday (despite that nasty arse cold)! My upheaval plans are in the works, I was feeling good and eating was second nature. It's funny; some days you're REALLY on your game and you're like, "Hey! This weight watchers thing is a BREEEEEEZE! I don't get why people think it's so hard? Doing this for the rest of my life is going to be a SNAP!" Then I wake up the next day and measure out a half a cup of cottage cheese, a half a cup of uncooked oatmeal and a half a cup of unsweetened applesauce and curse the day that the blasted point system was ever developed. ...too bad I had planned to get up at 5:30 a.m. to go to the gym before work...which ended up being getting up at 5:30 to turn off the alarm and snuggle back in my bed for another two hours. But I swear my gym bag is packed and on my desk. I will run for at least 30 mins at the gym tonight and if I have to throw some noob off a treadmill, so be it. I will then proceed to hurt my quads, hams and calves with free weights so I'm walking awkwardly tomorrow, making it almost impossible to go to run club, but I will persevere! Why? Because I'm nuts and for some odd reason giddy. and you'll soon find out why. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


because I need another excuse to run

Actually, I do. I was losing my running mojo (not to be confused with my lovely Aunt Mojo, who I could never lose as she's too precious to me). I needed a good kick in the pants to get my ass back on the road the last few weeks. I have no trouble getting out there on a Saturday and Sunday morning, but on a weekday morning or night, I have NO DESIRE to run WHATSOEVER. Then the lovely Runny on the GDT in her infinite wisdom came up with a Spring Challenge. She asked the posters to simply run or walk a 10km this Spring in their respective cities. Simple enough especially since I'm already signed up for Sporting Life on May 4th. But it gives me an extra push to be accountable, to post more often about how often I'm running, to offer to help others train for their first run and give them tips and assistance. I help them and me at the same time. So if you're interested, check the 10k challenge thread on the GDT and start something up in your city :)


Never take for granted...

free Web space until you think you're going to lose it. I just spent the better part of yesterday and today moving things off of a server I use and onto free hosting sites (which are TERRIBLE, by the way). Having to go back into the code of almost 400 blog entries and change image references as well as my template was NOT how I wanted to spend a sunday afternoon. Thankfully I managed to get runs in BOTH days this weekend (almost 5k yesterday and 8k today, plus upper body weights - wheee!), so the time I spent on my ass was a-ok. The only downside is I don't have dinner planned now...


Why is it that...

people feel the need to make "funny" little comments as you jog on past them? "Hey sweetie? Can I jog with you?" "Bet I can beat you to the corner!" "Keep it up baby/hunny/sweet-thing! You're looking good!" The last one is NOT motivating and I doubt you can keep up. I'm not saying I'm super fast or fit in the least, but that cigarette you're puffing on there, sweetcheeks, is going to limit your chances of keeping up with me for the next 50 feet let alone the next 5km we're running. So don't let your mouth write cheques your sorry ass can't cash. I seriously don't have the time to stop and give you the finger. ...I must be on the mend as my rants are coming back :)


Arms of my own

Today was supposed to be my NEW weigh in day... But thanks to this lovely cold and a BAZILLION thoughts of the upheaval that is about to happen in my life (which you will get an update on next week, probably), I sort of forgot. I've gone from weighing myself everyday to not giving a rat's ass at all. I find that REALLY weird. But I think it has to do with my being a bit disappointed with my place in life right now and hopefully the changes that are about to take place will set everything back into motion and put me back on the right path I was on before... Or at least getting rid of this BLASTED cold will do the trick. But then I went and read the simplest of entries this morning that reminded me that not all tales are told by the scale, as we always tell each other. Vickie wrote the sweetest of entries today that put me in my place. She reminded me to look at my arms. Such a simple thing. The things I was normally ashamed to show unless it was boiling hot (like that day ...and what you CAN'T see is that I have a matching black cardigan tied around my waist, which I promptly put back on for the next pic when I saw JUST how big my arms appeared). Now it's something I don't even think about. I wear tank tops with confidence and show off my "pipes" even if they're a teeny bit flabby with extra skin. So don't worry about the muffin tops, the extra skin, the digital devils not telling you what you want...you've come a long way baby and you OWN what you have. and now I will go own a box of kleenex and some tea.


You heard it here

Who: Me, obviously... What: um, not quite sure...I was standing there opening a box of dayquil when Kris walked in Where: my office When: 9:30a.m. Why: I'm supposed to be here. We don't get paid sick days. How it went down: Kris: "Dude! Who bit your eye?" Me: "Huh? What are you talking about?" Kris: "Your eye man! It looks like someone socked you one!" Me: "Are you serious?" Kris: laughing "YEAH! Go look" Me: "WHY AM I EVEN HERE?!?!?" *sigh* I should have known something was wrong when I decided to eat fruit and have tea for breakfast.


I need me a WW sheriff

I FULLY admit that I am an MTV addict. So I'm watching Run's House and Justine is doing Weight Watchers in this episode in an attempt to shed a few pounds. Run comes into the kitchen and catches her making PB and J sammiches... He starts rhyming off points ..."4 for bread....another 2 for jelly..." "no, jelly might be less because it's grapes," Justine whines. He tells her to stop and raise her hands in the air because he's the "ww sheriff". Being the WW geek that I am, I start snorting like mad. Justine eventually gets mad at Run policing her points and gives up on the plan, but damn! I need me a sheriff to look after me. A man who understands points and knows them off the top of his head? GOD BLESS HIM!



I have somehow managed to get a cold...or at least the beginnings of one. I am drowsy, my throat feels swollen and my nose is running every now and again. This stinks. I haven't had a REAL cold in MONTHS! It's probably because I've been so lazy & stressed, not exercising enough and eating like crap. And now when I want to exercise and be healthy, I get ill and don't want to eat or do anything. The world is out to get me, I swear. So be it. Just don't touch my lunch.



  • no lunch - having extra potatoes, slightly larger piece of meatloaf and TONS of veggies to make up for it...and some bbq sauce :P
  • proud that I did not buy crap to munch on for the subway ride home
  • got crapped on via email while I wasn't at work. Apparently TELLING people you are going to a client first thing gets construed as playing hooky all day
  • getting a headache from lack of water today...and maybe because my meds ran out a week and a half ago and I haven't called my doc
  • somehow I haven't lost my smile :)


...yeah, not so much. I have to go to a client in the far north end of the city, which means:
  • No running or gym this morning
  • Can't bring any food I have made for lunch
  • Going to be stressed, cranky, irritable
Let's hope no one gets hurt...and I don't chew off my arm. Who sets up appointments for 9 on a Monday, seriously?


What's a day off?

I'm keeping myself pretty busy today...
  • 6km run
  • Hour at the gym
  • Took the Christmouse tree down
  • Laundry
  • and...COOKING :)
I had wanted to make three things so I had food for the week and would not be tempted to buy lunch or rely on processed, package crapola. 1. Veggie Chili - really simple; veggie ground round, diced tomatoes, onions, green pepper, red pepper, celery, corn, kidney beans, jalapenos, stock, chili powder and garlic. SOOOOOOO YUMMY. 2. Turkey meatloaf - It's actually a recipe from Eating for Life. I bought it when I was on BFL a looooooooooong time ago. It's not bad and works out to be about 5 points a portion. Made with ground turkey, oats, egg whites, salsa, vegetable soup mix and onions. Oh - and a bit of ketchup on top. 3. ...well, it never happened. I have ALL the ingredients I need to make Ooh-la-la lasagna from ESBM EXCEPT ricotta cheese, which is sort of important. My grocery store never seems to have any in stock when I want it. Stupid downtown grocery stores!!! I'll just make it tomorrow and pass by another grocery store.


Mouse - 1 Food Pushers - 0

The admin girl came into my office with THESE and I said no.

Quality street-esque candy - a HUGE weakness of mine that reminds me of my Gran (more so than fern tarts - ick!).

Now I just have to keep saying no...

Le sigh.

So fresh and so clean...

Today is the day we begin again. Fridays will now be my WI day and I'm ready to face the world. ...until I saw the number on the digital devil. 150.7 You've GOT to be joking me. So I hopped on the analog angel 145 Well then, that's the kick in the arse I need. I've decided I'm going to lose 10 on the digital as my goal this by the end of next month. It always hovered around 140 since the day I got it out of the box, and 10 according to the angel as it showed me at 135 as my lowest (I was always splitting the difference). I was conflicted whether or not I should even type out those numbers, but I'm glad I did. As well, if they don't go down and I can't make this work like I have in the past, I've decided to join meetings to see what I can do. And to make myself super duper uncomfortable and ensure I stay within my points, I stuffed my butt into those jeans that wouldn't go on yesterday. They are currently giving me a lovely muffin top that I didn't have this time last year. Loverly. But speaking of new resolves, kicks in the pants and motivation, our dear friend Antonia Z has a new bloggo over at Thestar.com. Make sure you view the YouTube clip. Well written, acted and edited :P So if Zerb is back on board, I am 110 per cent.



(I'm such a PC girl, eh?) I'm rebooting. Journal purchased, sustenance procured for work for the next two days and, well, if it wasn't -20 outside, I'd be running my arse off too (avoiding the gym and its noobs like the plague). I think I will change things up more and more this year, starting with my weigh-in day. It's always been Monday since August of 2005 and maybe I need to change that. Just something different to keep my head in the game instead of going through the motions, getting bored and falling too far off track. Because that's where I feel I am headed. Why you ask? Today I tried to put on a pair of my favourite jeans and I couldn't get them up over my thighs. Funny, I wore them last week... But I don't want to struggle with clothes that I have or want to purchase, get discouraged and throw everything I've worked so hard for in the last few years away. I know people think, "Hey! She's really active. A few slip ups here and there AREN'T going to kill her...", but they can be a HUGE detriment. I am an overeater and a sneak eater, this is never going to change. I was so tempted to relive my 2005 New Year's night the other night of a medium pizza, pop, ice cream and chips but somehow managed to sneak in only the chips... Still wasn't the best idea. Counting points helps me keep it all in check. If I'm not counting, making silly allowances and resetting every other day, then I am NOT on program. And I want to be ON PROGRAM. I want my pants to fit...and not on a virtual me.


Let's try this again...

This is like the THIRD time I've tried to write a blog today. Apparently day one back from vacation = call marie with all of your problems. UGH! For the second day of the year, I think I'm doing pretty crappy. I started out so well yesterday; running first thing in the morning, tracking my food as I went, eating somewhat balanced meals.... Then suddenly watching the Biggest Loser I felt the need to eat chips. What The Eff... I don't know what's wrong with me or why I felt the need to do that, but I feel as though NOW I have to jump on a bandwagon like so many others and make better efforts to stay healthy. I can feel myself backsliding like mad already and And forgetting to make a lunch for today wasn't the smartest move. Especially since everyone else is on the health train, there is now a lineup snaking around the food court just for a stupid subway sandwich...right...because subway alone will make for better health and weight loss. *sigh* Granted, the line up at thai express is still miles long so I guess there really are people who DON'T make resolutions. Bah. Can I start my year over again?


What a good way to start the year....


You're a week late, mother nature, but thanks.

We have a snowfall warning here in TO and southern Ontario, but did I let that stop me from running?


Well, not at first. I made my way up Yonge St. for a planned 7km run, but chickened out at Rosedale Valley Rd. and came back. The snow was whipping my ass, er, I mean my face so I ended up only doing about 4.5km (Garmin and iPod aren't agreeing again).

The best part was ending at starbucks, having chunks of snow and ice fall off of my hat and then having the oddest piercing conversation known to man with my barista.

Great way to start a brand new year !
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