'Tis the season

To be given copious amounts of free food. Let us reflect on the last 24-hours:
  • Tim Hortons at our holiday news conference
  • Staff dinner hosted by my manager with pizza, fudge and wine
  • Buffet breakfast in our office building today
  • MORE pizza for a staff awards ceremony at work for lunch today

I think I will have steamed broccoli for dinner today.

By the way, I appreciate each and every comment from Monday's post. I KNOW that you identify with me. We've all been there before.

That's why I still write. I love that you GET me.


Jen said...

haha, you just want an excuse to eat broccoli!!! ;p

I will send you a cardboard box with my address on it, postage paid...insert food...problem solved...

Amy said...

I loff you.

I also loff broccoli!

Jen said...

mmmmm, broccoli!!!
I've eaten horribly today too!
Tomorrow will be a better day.

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