Education from an Educators' Conference. Go fig.

Work conferences often present topics that aren't really applicable beyond the walls of our offices. Working in public education, it's interesting to find some of the topics presented are transferable beyond my little cubicle. We had a gentleman by the name of Shaun Belding come and talk to us about bridging education and action. The focus of his presentation dealt with what motivates us into action. He asked us to look at something that we've been avoiding but needed to be done. I, of course, thought of the extra weight that I've put on and have yet to even attempt to deal with. He asked us to write WHY we're avoiding it and then all of the positive "payoffs" that would come with accomplishing the task. Frankly, the avoidance list was embarrassing. It pretty much boiled down to me wanting to eat whatever I wanted and because I'm afraid to miss out on the social aspect of work, I'm joining in on lunches out and other gatherings. But the payoffs are huge; health, feeling comfortable in clothes, confidence, happiness because of improved self-image... WHY THE BLOODY HELL AM I NOT TRACKING? Our motivation to complete tasks comes from either pain & fear or hope and pleasure. I am afraid of being left behind, to be mocked for eating "like a bird," and not being able to go to that party because I have to get up early to go to the gym. But the joy that comes with completing a hard run, the satisfaction of cooking a healthy meal and the sigh of relief when pants go up WITH EASE, they should outweigh the fears. In order to find my motivation, I need to:
  • Know my outcome
  • Make it real
  • Outline a plan
  • Sell the first step

I know I can maintain my goal weight. I did it for two years before falling apart (just a bit).

Pictures and clothes make it real.

I can plan my daily meals and allow myself room for MINOR slip ups.

I don't need to be sold on anything. I've bought the farm before.

I just need to remember how to milk the cows.


Angie All The Way said...

Hey, do you wanna know what kind of kicked me in the butt into getting my sh*t together again? I went back and re-read some of my own posts during a time when I was in that mental place where I was "on" my game. It's easy to ignore what others have to say, but it's pretty darn hard to argue with yourself, now isn't it?! It worked for me and I didn't even see it coming ;-)

H-woman said...

Thanks, Marie! Your post was just what I needed to break out the healthy recipes and a new journal to write everything down.

I won't get up early to go to the gym, but I will go after work!

H-woman =)

Vickie said...

loved this posting!!!

practiceliving said...

Marie, I had a really similar experience in late October. I was at a training for work and the instructor had us do a "decisional balance" square that sounds a lot like what you did. It was a HUGE eye-opener, especially because we did it with a partner, and my partner was both brutally honest and really sweet with me.

I'm glad it was a good exercise for you!

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