Dear WeightWatchers.ca,

Why must you screw with my head? It's bad enough I have a cold and someone appears to have spilled something WET on my office chair today (without leaving a freakin' note). Why did you have to choose a frickin' Wednesday to introduce something new to us? What the flippity flop is this momentum plan of which you speak? Why must you change everything on me? Actually, from what I can see, you're just letting me carry over APs and encouraging core...actually, did you do away with core altogether? WHERE IS IT? Why are people freaking out on the boards? AHHHHHHHHH! MAKE IT STOP! Either way, I can't tell my head from my arse today. Please help a mouse out. Smooches, Mouse


JODI : Gaithersburg, MD said...

i heard about a 'new' plan so i will have to check this out... no such thing on the American site, as of yet... someone said they'd be introducing it next week - exciting times!

happy holidays! :)

Carolyn said...

Isn't weight loss complicated enough as it is? Geeeez

Crabby McSlacker said...

It never occurred to me that they could just change the rules!

I'm not on WW, but I think I'd totally freak out if I were.

Jen said...

You should got and spill stuff on everybody else chair on the off chance that it might have been them...that's what i would do!!!

CRAZY WW....what will they think of next??? (maybe a canadian mobile site ;p)

marie said...

@Jen from your lips to God's ears.


Candace MacPherson said...

Hey Marie,

I think you'll like the changes. I find it an odd time (per-holiday) to roll out something new too, but hey...I'm liking the changes so far. They've taken a lot of member and employee feedback and have made some good changes. A lot of Core-following leaders I've spoken to actually started losing weight since switching to the Momentum plan a little over a month ago.

How can you not love something new for Christmas???

Espressomama said...

I remember years ago, when points first started, you were able to "bank" activity points. I lost a load of weight using that plan, and the funny thing is, I was just thinking to myself the other day that I missed that plan. I find that exercise really does decrease my appetite, but I can be starving the next day.

TrixieBelden said...

you are freakin me out b/c i haven't heard of anything new in the states.

hey, any advice on what i should say tomorrow evening to the guy i think is cute at happy hour? :) advice from everyone (as long as it isn't lewd, is welcome. only because i can't pull off d**rty in my old age any more :)

marie said...

@Trixie Did you try "hi"? :P

The last guy I was interested in, I ended up just telling him I found him very attractive and that I feel awkward around him because of it.

Honesty always works for me. ;)

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