Now if only Google could give me lottery numbers

We all do it. We're suddenly hungry at 8p.m., but are we really? We're watching our favourite primetime show, still digesting dinner perhaps and the snack attack hits. We peek our little noses into cupboards and fridge doors looking for SOMETHING that will quiet the grumbling in our tummys, whether real or imagined. But we could stand there for hours trying to work out points and hem and haw over whether we NEED something, WANT something, or if something is even worth shoving down our throats. Well, apparently Weight Watchers has created a widget to help you cure a craving when it strikes. Try it out yourself here. I found that although it addresses sweet cravings (and solves them with Weight Watchers products), the savoury cravings are lost. At first I thought it was solely a promotion for Weight Watchers products, but finally hit pay dirt on a salty craving. It offered me almonds and veggies, none of which WW produces (unless they somehow became God overnight...). It's fun to enter the Canadian/British spelling of words and watch it return nothing while the American will produce suggestions. But poking around the .com site showed me that they're really striving to build a better network between customers, their products and the program. They're on Facebook, they've got rewards for product consumption where you can trade points for prizes and still serving up a side of healthy recipes and tips. This certainly isn't our mother's weight watchers program...but it's definitely not Canadian either. Although it's great that the company is moving in the right direction, it always makes me sad that us hosers in the North are left in the cold when new things are introduced (like the canned response from WeightWatchers.ca when I ask when a mobile version of their site is coming). So although I can ask the Weight Watchers widget for help when I'm looking for a cookie fix, its suggestions may not be available to me. This might be alright, though; I really didn't need that cookie, now did I?


Liz said...

Wow, those are some serious Googling skills you've got there! I hadn't seen this little widget before. Thanks :)

It sucks that things take longer to reach you guys in Canada :(. All Weight Watchers should be treated equal! *waves sign*

Nia a.k.a. Genea said...

Hey Marie,

I use the WW.com mobile version... I put in all my contact details but a fake zip code just to get through the "address" validation, then I inputted my credit card, and voilĂ : WW.com mobile on my Blackberry and I love it! I agree that the U.S. is a lot better than the Canadian site. I let my WW Canada Online membership expire and only use the U.S. one.

marie said...

@Nia I know that I *could* do that, but I don't think that I should have to.

If they redirect me to the .ca based on my IP, home address, etc., I should be receiving the SAME product produced in the US.

After all, the .ca is run out of NYC too.

Jen said...

*laughs* I love how a snack attack leads to hours (or maybe just a few minutes seeing how techno savvy you are) of googling!!!

They are DEFINITELY heading in the right direction...and I think they are making the right appeal...they just definitely need to remember that Canadians like to lose weight too...and they want funky little gadgets and widgets to use as well!!!

Nia a.k.a. Genea said...


I totally agree with you! I wonder if the "in-person" Canadian WW Centres get many complaints. I'll have to ask my work colleague to inquire at her meeting this Friday just to see what they have to say. I'll keep ya posted.

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