It's the little things, really

My pithy victories of the weekend (so far):
  • Did not buy any cookies or treats when grocery shopping
  • Ok, so I DID pick up a roll of Pillsbury cookie dough, put it in my cart... and then put it back on the shelf. I don't even know what possessed me to do that as I have never bought it before
  • Have not baked anything in a moment of boredom (which I have been doing A LOT lately. I put up my Christmouse tree instead
  • Felt lazy but still got up to run this morning (although I wimped out of a 10km and only did 5)
  • Ate oatmeal instead of my regular post-run breakfast of pancakes
Now, if only my scale would love me again...


Angie All The Way said...

Yay! :-)

Strange you said that about the Pillsbury cookie dough, because they were on buy one, get one free a week ago or so and I bought a dinner roll one and a pizza crust one and they are still in the fridge. Cookie dough on the other hand would have never stood a chance. Good move! :-)

Vanessa said...

Woohoo! So basically, you're rocking it. Nice :)

That Pillsbury crap is gross anyway.

Amy said...

Way to go... I was supposed to do 12 but we got lost and ended up doing almost 17k.

I should have ate oatmeal, but I had a damn Cranberry bliss bar.

Merry said...

I can't see the Pillsbury Doughboy doing a 5km run. Clearly, he's Not Your Sort -- you should hang around thin grocery store celebrities. (Can't think of one at the moment, except for the Jolly Green Giant -- is he still around?)

Carolyn said...

Woohooo. Major victories here.

That little doughboy is evil. Don't fall for that cute, cuddly, warm and gooey shit. It comes with calories, there's a reason why he's round.

Xenia said...

Hey, victories of any kind are still victories. Size doesn't matter. ;)

Great job on the run. Just getting out there for a short run is better than sitting on the couch within arm's reach of food you'd eat out of boredom.

Great job!

Sara said...

Great victories - the types of ones that will definitely make your scale fall in love with you again!

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