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So our fine friends at Loblaws invited me out to a little afternoon snack today in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the PC Insider's Report. Off I went to a lovely location on Queen West, decorated for the season in red and white and set-up like a cutesy cocktail party. Too bad it felt like an awkward high school dance with people from Loblaw mingling with each other and writers, bloggers and "insiders" keeping to themselves. But eventually, the food brought us all together. Although about 150 products are featured in the report this year, we were only able to sample 15. I found it odd that Martin Jamieson, Executive VP of Loblaw Brands, mentioned how the products were strong in health yet not a single Blue Menu item was featured. Then we receive a goody bag full of chocolates, mousse cups, sparkling wine and a tart. Seriously? BUT...I do have to let you know that there are some things I loved, some things I loved to hate and some things, well, I just hated. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥ to hate
  • PC Cranberry Plum Tart with Pumpkin Seeds - Nice twist on a butter tart. Comes in a long pan and 1/5th of it is 8 points. You could absolutely cut that portion in half and still have a substantial treat.
  • PC Dulce de Leche Cheesecake They say that their Dulce de Leche is sex in a jar. No wonder I could eat a jar no problem. Then they went and matched it up with cheesecake. We all know how I feel about that...sigh. 9 FREAKIN POINTS for 1/6th of the little begger.
  • PC Spanakopita I LOVE spinach pie so these could be reaaaaaaally dangerous. Luckily, they only come in boxes of 12! 3 points for two little pieces.
  • PC Wild Pacific Salmon Mini Wellingtons - Salmon, puff pastry, dill ...YUM! ...and again, dangerous. 4 points for two.
Ew...Ew....EW! But that's only a SMALL selection of what's available now. Feel free to check out what's new and let me know what YOU think is awesome or completely balls. I like learning from y'all. :) Oh, by the way - they also have a contest where you can win one of 25 $1,000 gift cards. Check it out!


Jen said...

Okay, first of all I LOVE the insiders report...second of all, I like a REAL insiders opinion on the "goods"!!! I am SOOOOO buying that wine (I am okay to drink, but it seems to be the one thing I am a featherweight at!!) and I already bought those mousse cups because I wanted "fancy" chocolates to have with coffee after my dinner last night...AND I read online reviews that said the same as you about the Lasagna (which is unfortunately because it WAS on my list of things to try!!!)...

Next I need to find the salted caramel chocolates...those sound like more reasonable "sex in a box"...unlike the whorish dulce cheesecake who stole my heart then moved on to my husband...Danny doesn't really like caramels or salt...so I think I am safe!

marie said...

GRRR! the caramels were there but I didn't try them because of all of the other stuff I shoved in my yap.

They sent us home with chocolate covered sponge toffee instead.

Now I feel bad.:(

Angie All The Way said...

Oh wow, fun!! Thanks for the scoop!

Good point about the BM products!

eurydice said...

thanks for posting this! i will definitely try the pumpkin pasta.

Shirls said...

thanks for the "real" review from a real person, I was considering trying the hot chocolate in my quest for good hot chocolate (like second cup hot chocolate *sigh* heaven...) but I know now to skip this one, thanks!

JanetM97 said...

Thanks for the reviews! Interesting! crazy that they didn't have anything from their low fat line though.

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