GBU - Monday Blah Edition

Good - Did I mention that my contract was all settled for the next five months? Bad - Did I mention that the projects I was *supposed* to be here to do are on the backburner? Ugly - Did I mention that there isn't much for me to do today as a result? Good - I've been working on a big conference that takes place this week. Bad - I've been working on a big conference that takes place in Sarnia this week. Ugly - Sarnia (just kidding, PM. I ♥ you) Good - Compliments on my hair cut. Bad - Compliments on my hair cut a month and a half later. Ugly - Compliments on my hair cut from coworkers who still don't know who I am (almost a year later...) Good - The quiet of the office with half of my section out of the office Bad - Being stuck in my cubicle with a throbbing headache and no medication Ugly - Being stuck in my cubicle with a throbbing headache, no medication and having other people hurt your brain because they don't get it/act like asshats/etc. (that's more personal life than professional, just to clarify) Pass the advil.


Haley said...

Ugh, nothing worse than un-medicated headaches...here's hoping you find some painkillers asap.

MizFit said...

I love your writing style.

your humor.

your hair ;)

Vanessa said...

I love these posts.

Sorry your head hurts :(

Paige'smom said...




Sarnia.. sigh.


Have you been at that job for almost a year? Holy smokes where does the time go.

Weeeee I might get to meet the mouse.

Sara said...

Headaches with no pill relieve is too much to handle! I hope you found some advil!!

I hope the blahs are gone today!

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