Adventures in mouseland

Well, my traveling road show and I are in the lovely village of Point Edward/Sarnia today (and yesterday...and tomorrow). I'm so close to the US border...but can do nothing about it (Happy Turkey Day to my friends to the south, by the way). I've seen chemical valley and a cute festival of lights. I have FINALLY met a cute boy in fire service (sad that I always have to look at their left hands first). And...I just might meet Paige'sMom today. WHEEEEEEEEEE!


Sara said...

You would think there would be hotter men/boys in fire service huh?

marie said...


I should have taken a picture of some of them on our theme night.


Amanda said...

LOL! My DH missed the theme night to hang out with me, otherwise you would have seen 1!

(but I do have to agree, not too many good looking ones!)

marie said...


@Amanda I managed to, er, get the attention of the good looking single one. It's allll good. :)

Anonymous said...
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