If I could only staple my mouth shut

G. and I went on a hunt for peppermint patties after lunch.
Off to PharmaPlus we went, in search of mint chocolaty treats (for a point or two).
And what did my eyes behold? Dare Real Fruit Gummies.
My nemesis.
I opened the bag when we returned to the office, had about 14 of them and then stapled it shut.
THIS is a rare occurrence as I can eat a family size bag without even thinking.
So now, they're sitting on my desk with eight staples in it.
That puppy isn't getting cracked open again any time soon.
Let's hope that I don't stuff anything else in my yap though...


meredi said...

Ha, LOVE the stapler.

Real Fruit Gummies are truly evil, I'm with ya. I never buy them (other candies always win out) but one of my friends ALWAYS has a bowl out and I go nuts. Good on ya for the stapling.

Jen said...

*laughs* just make sure you keep your staple remover away as well!!!

Espressomama said...

Gummies are like crack! I keep eating until the bag is empty.

Vanessa said...

TAG, you're it!

I love the staple idea :).

ayearfromnow said...

Oh I'm the SAAAAMMMEEE way with those gummies -- I think because I see that they're made with real fruit that I can eat the whole bag for almost no points!!! ha ha!

Laura said...

That stapler's too cute and the idea's a good one. I've often bought a small bag of M&M's, counted out one or 2 points' worth and given the rest away to a coworker.

Real Fruit Gummies are great. I also love the Swedish Berries. I have stay away from all that stuff.

sigh, there's so much to stay away from these days.

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