I am thankful for

  • Crisp, cool autumn mornings that make running soooo much easier
  • My patience making a timely visit this morning while purchasing new running shoes
  • My new running shoes :D
  • The extra shot of coffee the barista put in my americano this morning
  • The ability to bake (which is also a curse)
  • The poor little (actually, I heard it's HUGE) turkey that will be served up at dinner tomorrow night
  • The carrot or some other odd vegetable my dad will end up putting in the gravy he will make
  • The amazing family I have that will celebrate the holiday with me
  • The ability to share everything with you :)


angsellis said...

I am thankful for this blog and for having you as a friend!

TrixieBelden said...

happy thanksgiving my friend!

Xenia said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the day, especially time with your family. That's what I miss most about being away from home.

Espressomama said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks to you for sharing so much with us, and enjoy your family today.

Blue Ice Dave said...

Happy Thnakgiving to you and your family.

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