HELLO, common sense!

Yeah, I have been TOTALLY lacking in it lately. After the cupcakes, cake, pizza and chinese food that appeared in the past week, in addition to my obsession with baking all things pumpkin related of late, I could use a whole dose of it. But then there's Thanksgiving this coming Monday. JOY. *note sarcasm* So I'm perusing the wonderful site that is Kraft Canada as I will be required to bring the Pumpkin Pie I made last year. But then my brother told me that I should be bringing two of them, as ONE was not enough last year. But I'm thinking not everyone is a crazy pumpkin fan and MAYBE, just maybe, I should find something else to bring too. Which is when I found THIS bad boy. Be still my beating heart. Seriously. I am a sucker for white chocolate and especially those damn toblerone bars. This recipe is super good looking, despite having raspberries all over it. But the thing that struck me is the little tidbit added in at the end.

This is an indulgent recipe. Make healthy choices throughout the day to enjoy a serving of this sweet treat.

Oooh. That's refreshing! You tempt me with such a treat, but remind me not to eat the whole pan and make GOOD choices in order to enjoy a little slice of evil heaven. Thanks, I needed that and not a second helping :)


Laura said...

Okay, that pie looks great! Have you seen this one? http://tinyurl.com/46gvnl

That Toblerone cheesecake looks fabulous, too. Everything in moderation, right?

Carolyn said...

Ohh...I almost made that Pumpkin pie but opted for the Pumpkin cheesecakse instead, which was SOOOOO good!! Like to die for good!

The white choco cheesecake looks amazing. Let us know how it turns out!

Shirls said...

too funny I was looking at a pumpkin recipe from kraft today as well and in the end decided not to print it as it had that same warning... LOL I do however love their 4 layer pumpkin cake ;0)

Jen said...

I'm making a crustless pumpkin pie - should be mostly core (is that even allowed "mostly core"??lol)
And you are just mean to show us that toblerone thingy - MEAN MEAN MEAN

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