Having a Ball

exercise balls by jvangalen
So I was sitting there watching television last night, after a 6km run and baking some muffins, and felt like I was wasting perfectly good exercise time. I've been really lethargic lately and just vegging on my couch, which really isn't good for me. And it hit me. I have weights. I have an exercise ball. I CAN BE active and watch television. WHEEEE! So I'm off the couch, on the ball and working up a sweat watching Grey's. So riddle me this, fine friends - what are your favourite exercises to do with a stability ball and weights? Hmmmm??
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Shirls said...

any and all that she does...


Jen said...

You rock - exercising while watching Greys.
I usually sweat while watching Greys, but its just from thinking about McSteamy!!! ((drools))
Time for me to go out and invest in a ball!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I would pay money to see you romping around in your living room watching Greys and working the exercise ball. You are a crack up. My only exercise in front of the TV is lifting the chips to my face.

Vickie said...

riding the horse on the stability ball - NOTHING else gets my inner thighs like that one.

sit on ball (like a horse)
bend your knees and put your toes on the floor (so your legs are slightly behind you)
squeeze the ball hard enough so that your 'girl parts' are up off the ball and there is actually a little triangle of space there.

Then alternate squeezing and slightly (not all the way) releasing so you ride/go up and down. You can vary the speed.

At the time I only know that I work up a sweat - the next day I realize just how many times I use those inner thighs as secondary muscles during the day - getting up and down out of chair - climbing stairs, etc.

marie said...

@vickie - I didn't think it was possible to love you more, but I do now that you explained it.

And I love that I have curtains up now so that my neighbours don't get a show while i try that :P

Patricia said...

I'll have to try riding the horse tomorow morning! My favorite has always been push ups on the ball. start face down on the ball. Roll forward (carefully!) until your legs are on the ball, hands supporting you under your shoulders and start doing your push ups! The further you roll out, the more challenging the pushups will be.

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