Good-bye, old friends

You’ve seen me through good times and bad.
Through highs and lows, valleys and peaks, and sometimes, even to the grocery store…
Like the fall leaves, you appeared in different colours, changing you four times almost with the seasons and supported me through 11 races in the last year and a half.
But now, you’ve just become a pain.
My ankles are telling me it’s time to move on. And with a little bit of sadness (mostly because I got you at a discount through D), I bid you adieu.
So bye-bye, my faithful Nike friends. Although you were great out of the gate, your span here with me is over.
A supernova has crashed into my world.
I’m hoping they rock it.


Sara said...

yay for new shoes!!

Jess' s Food Coma said...

Ahh you scared me I saw a little clip of what you wrote on my blog list and I was worried you were going away. Phew.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Don't you pffft me!

Espressomama said...

New shoes make the world a better place.

Lucas said...

A year and a half???? Yikes! No wonder you hurt. My shoes get replaced about every 6 months. A spendy little habit but worth it! I'm working on trying to find out how to recycle all my old shoes because I've been told that some running tracks are now being made out of recycled rubber from old sneakers. Isn't that cool???

Oh, and Happy New Shoes to you!

marie said...

@lucas NO NO NO! I think in one paragraph I mention that I've had four pairs of them.

There is no freakin way I would have run THAT long on ONE pair of shoes!

This is actually my third pair this year.

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