The Breakfast Club

Sigh. I love that movie. A bunch of misfits in detention on a Saturday morning. The crazy girl getting together with the jock. The rich, popular girl hooking up with the outcast. And the nerd. What a goof. But looks like we have a new breakfast club on the horizon...and a Weight Watchers one at that. The brains behind Weight Watchers Smart Ones have introduced a new online community called the Morning Express Breakfast Club to share recipes, articles, and tips and to get advice from peers on healthy lifestyles and eating. With breakfast being the most important meal of the day and so many skipping it because of our work-life time crunches, having quick and easy solutions at your fingertips IS a great thing. They even enlisted the help of a nutritionist, dietitian and chef to give expert advice. This effort coincides with the launch of SmartOnes Morning Express, their convenient breakfast items all of which are under five points. Although I'm not a proponent of processed meals, I would like to try these suckers out, particularly the Breakfast Quesadilla. Unfortunately, they aren't available north of the 49th parallel. So unless one of my fine friends from the south want to hop on a plane and deliver me some, I'm SOL. But not eating Smart Ones shouldn't keep you from checking out the community (although for us Hosers, the postal code entry might - just use 90210 like I did :P ). I think it's great to go, poke around and share information with other people who want to eat in a healthy way...just like you and me. But the best part of it? For every person that joins the online community, $1 is donated to Share our Strength, an organization that works toward ensuring that no child in the US goes hungry. Fitting considering Blog Action Day's theme of poverty, eh? So love or hate Smart Ones, consider checking it out if only to help raise money for a worthy cause or maybe to help someone else just like you who is looking for nutrition advice. And my lovely American friends, check out the breakfast items and write me a little report. I want to know what I'm missing out on :)

1 comment:

Crabby McSlacker said...

Oh shoot--

After an unfortunate incident with a box of Golden Sponge Cakes, I'm afraid I turned down a chance to try the breakfast items. (I've been known to scarf a McD's Egg Muffin down in about 3 seconds so I sensed having multiple meat sandwiches in my freezer might not be too smart).

But it sounds like the breakfast club is a great idea.

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