Shakira's hips don't lie

And in my case, I think it's my ankles. They tell me a story every day and I haven't been really been listening to them up until now. "Bitch - what's up with all of the running? We aren't built for this crap!" Before I felt hobbled with my knees, but the pain there has disappeared, I think because I take the time to stretch and ice. But what the hell do you do for ankles?! I often wonder why I'm running now. Don't get me wrong, yesterday I had a great run (well, up until it started raining on my sorry behind), but I don't see myself improving in any way, shape or form. In fact, I'm running slower now, mostly to avoid migraines after runs. See, it's not just my aching ankles that I have to think about! I obviously don't take care of my body as well as I used to and it's telling me stories that I need to listen to. Or maybe I just need new shoes. Blah. Do you always listen to your body and slow down or figure you no pain, no gain? What would you be heartbroken to give up if your body started to quit on you?


Merry said...

You get migraines from running? Wah!
I'm discouraged.
Like your ankles.
Not sure what to advise. I mean, you can't really massage ankles, can you? Have you tried alternating soaking them in hot water then cold? Confuses the poor ankles 'til they don't know what they're feeling, so they stop hurting.

Xenia said...

I have no useful advice for your ankle. Apologies.

I would be sad if I had to give up running. I'm slower than slow, but I always feel like I'm pushing myself when I run and using my body the way its supposed to be used.

That and it gets me away from people for a while. :)

jainey said...

right elbow.
goodbye softball, goodbye volleyball, goodbye badminton....

Caroline said...

I really try to listen to my body, but the big tip off for me was when I was getting a bad migraine after I exercised. Yeah, that was awful for my motivation. So I went to the doctor and found out my blood pressure was high and it was spiking when I exercised. I got on meds for it and haven't had a problem since. One thing I'mnot very good at is listening when I just have aches and pains. I was at Jazzercise yesterday and felt my hamstring starting to hurt and just ignored it. I haven't noticed it giving me problems yet, but we'll see when I go running tonight what happens. I guess I try to listen to the "big stuff", but I do tend to ignore the little stuff.

Sara said...

I found I was much faster runner when I started out and just went out and ran. Then I did the half training and thought about things like running 1-2 min slower per mile LSDs and got slow. Anyways, total ramble.

My solution to ankle problems and running - not to run long. So not really a solution for you!

I always listen to my body - but sometimes pain is not a bad thing. Years of killing my body for bball totally taught me how to listen to my body and to the pain. Sometimes the pain is just that so I push. Sometimes the pain is indicative of something serious so I slow down. But to avoid migraines? I would never say no pain no gain b/c really.

Suggestions: new shoes (how many miles on yours now) and maybe see your Dr about changing your migraine meds?

eurydice said...

right now running is impossible for me and yes, it's heartbreaking. but i was pushing it. i don't believe it no pain, no gain. when i get better (eventually) i am going to ease into it, and never run on consecutive days again.

Sarah said...

Sorry no suggestions for ankle issues, broke my twice in a year. Boo.

I think I'd really miss running, I like the results I'm getting, but I also still have a long way to go.

I don't believe in no pain, no gain. I'd rather be safe than sorry; miss a few workouts as opposed to a month or more.

Goodluck, I hope it stops bothering you soon.

Shirls said...

I don't have clue what to tell you about your ankle, but assumingly if it works for your knees it should work for your ankles..

to answer the question, if a doc told me "stop running or else" I would stop, never been in love with it, I do it because I know it works, I have always said the best part of running is stopping...

actually my right knee has been weird for a couple of months now, if it keeps going I'll have to have it checked out, knees are worth more to me and I plan to use them for a long long time, running.. who knows?

Twisted Cinderella said...

I would definitely consult a doctor to find out about my ankle if it were me in your situation.


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