Google Me This

Seriously, I think the Google searches that bring people to my blog are better than any post that I could have possibly dreamed up... Unfortunately Google Webmaster tools aren't collecting as much anymore. Need to solve that bad boy.
  • Gym where big girls can feel comfortable - I suggest trying your own skin first. That's the only way anyone will feel good in a gym
  • Wanna take a bite of you. just a little nibble. how should i take that if a man says that to me? - Um, kinky. But really didn't need to know...
  • sumo ass gerbil - Say what? This one puzzles me. I'm picturing two different things, neither of which are pleasant but one is making me laugh.
  • what's the mouse weigh someone has lifted - You mean most, right? This mouse is a weakling so let's not discuss what she lifts
  • girls ass hurts - OMIGAWD! Did you do Chad's bootcamp too?!?!
  • metaphor for my life - I don't know about you, but my life is like a bra that's been put on wrong
  • minnie mouse over the years - A little disney obsessed?
  • Paul Plakas - Seriously, people! This should really be directing you to Amy's blog, and not mine :P
  • when should you be jealous- If you have to ask, perhaps you have a problem. Live your life, not someone else's.
  • Telus paid sick days - The funny thing is this came from a Telus IP. Have you tried your HR dept?




cinemarie said...

Unbelievable!! :)
Some weird people out there...!

maria said...

mouse you should throw Google Analytics up on your blog. I'm sure you'd get some crazy stats. :)

marie said...

@maria - I do have it. Just never look at it :P

Amy said...

I think I would ruin my marriage for Paul Plakas.

Love him.

Hot Paul. Delcious Paul. Mmm... Paul.

I love his lime green shirts the best.

Vickie said...

you are too funny.

Carolyn said...

Paul Plakas is so annoyingly motivational that it almost makes him sexy.

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