Enthusiasm Curbed

Um...so I'm running a half this weekend.... *yay* Pardon my lack of excitement. I just am not really into it this year. I've had a great time training for it with super fantastic people but I've really lost my will to run, I think. I'm going to have another crack at it on the 19th of October as I was conned it was suggested to me by a loveable little chef on the side. I know I say it's not really doing anything for me now, but I do have a lot to look forward to:
  • The wicked swag in my race kit
  • A nice flat course with great cheering stations and bands
  • The beautiful view of TO's western beaches
  • Seeing a WW board buddy run her first half
  • Getting chased down toward the chute by my brother carrying a scone (I don't know that he'll be able to do that for Scotia, but it will be THE highlight of Toronto
  • Seeing many of my RR peeps finish our goal race, many of them for the first time
  • Getting passed by the top finishers of the full on Bay Street
  • And collecting one of these in the end

No matter what happens, no matter how crappy my time is, I'll make the most of it and cheer on everyone around me.

It may be a race, but I'm not competing against anyone there but myself.

It's just another Sunday run...with over 10,000 of my closest friends ;)


Shirls said...

that is some pretty bling you get at the end ;0) enjoy the run with your buds, personally I don't think time matters one bit, its the doing, not the how long that matters..

Krista said...

I love how you make running a half sounding like something you just do in your regular day..Hmmm...What is on my list? Grocery shopping, do some laundry...oh ya..and run a half marathon.

You rock girl! :)

Laura said...

Congrats! I ran my first half in March...and I seriously lost a lot of will to run after that. Training in the winter that we had in the GTA was also not fun. I have to make the decision if I am going to do the RR 1/2 program which starts in November. The thought of running more than 10km right now is seriouly daunting.

Angie All The Way said...

Mouse, you are inspiring, even if you're not feeling the enthusiasm for the half, you're still doing it and that is incredible :-)

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