My favourite little monsters left me a present this weekend; a cold. Up until this year, I had pretty much been cold free for a year and a bit. But taking public transportation daily and then hanging out with munchkins this weekend, I have caught something. It's only just starting but I already feel like a trainwreck with a sinus headache, the sniffles, sneezes and a scratchy throat. I'm in dire need of some tried and true remedies to keep me healthy for the half this weekend. Anything out of the norm? A favourite over-the-counter remedy? Gran's secret homemade trick? Retreating to a bubble until the gremlins fall out of my nose? Help a mouse out.


Jen said...

MAN, that flu is going around EVERYWHERE!!!

Seriously...nyquil was my best friend (and echinacea)...I took it every night before bed and it helped!!! (oh and invest in some hand sanitizer!!!)

Kimberley said...

Boo...sorry you are feeling sick. Mine started on Wednesday night, sore throat, sinuses, crackling ears, etc.

I have been on a steady diet of Buckley's Complete, Cold F/X, ibuprofen, Otrivin and tea with honey.

I am home from work today and will probably bail tomorrow as well.

Hope you feel better soon.

THISISIT2007 (Kimberley)

katieo said...

Oh no!!
TheraFlu works well for me. The kind you heat up with water...tea-like. (warning: it is McNASTY in the taste department...)

Blue Ice Dave said...

I'm a big proponent of loading up on the Vitamin C....So I always have Emergen-C powder to mix with H20 around the house.

Sarah said...

I'm a little late on this - but ColdFX ACTUALLY WORKS. It's expensive, but it really does cut the time of your cold in half. I swear by it. Just follow the directions even though the doses for the first day may make you think you're having a whole other meal (9 pills on day 1).

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