Eventually I'll Come Back Up for Air

If you didn't hear about this, you probably live under a rock. Well, that event has made my job a little more hectic and has a domino effect on my life (like going to bed early instead of going to karaoke with your brother and his wicked cool friends). I'll eventually get caught up again on the world around me. Until then, don't go doing anything important, ok? I wouldn't want to miss it...or miss out on being the first to make a smartass comment.


Jen said...

I was concerned at first that maybe I hadn't heard of what you were linking...but I did...Phew..sometimes I do think I live under a rock.

All important things will be put on hold until Mouse is ready!!!

Sara said...

I was wondering how badly that would effect your job. Now I know. But they are certainly lucky they have a girl like you!!

Looking forward to your smartass comments!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Err... crawling out from under my rock.

Looking forward to your return--keeping asshats in their proper place, among many other valuable contributions!

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