Birthday Hangover...without booze

There was chocolate, strawberry shortcake...and some of it is still in my fridge at home. There was pan bread at Jack Astor's...some with cheese, some without. There was a blizzard...it's actually still in the freezer at work because I was too full to eat it yesterday. There were jelly beans from the candy lady's gumball machine...because we were feeling silly. There were too many giggles courtesy of Erin losing her shoes on the five minute walk to the restaurant and constantly asking if we were there yet...and I almost peed my pants laughing at her. No joke. There was NIN's closer played while we were eating...and I so was hoping that Sydney did NOT chirp up and ask, "what does he want to do to the animals?" All in all, it was a good day. But I so am the scale's bitch. Bring on the hills tonight.


Jen said...

*laughs* it sounds like you had a WONDERFUL birthday!!!

When I read your status about "Closer" I thought "I hope they bleeped it!!!

Just be sure to make the hills YOUR bitch tonight!

Sara said...

good thing I'm full right now b/c I'm sure otherwise I would be a hankering for some goodies!!

Rock those hills tonight!

jainey said...

i sat there grinding my teeth/trying to make inane chatter for a full minute until i hear the first bleep.


by the way, i can make something 'happen' to some of that cake.

Heather said...

Happy Belated!

Sounds like you had a great one!

Caroline said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday. And it sounds like you still kept things in moderation (I totally would have shoved that Blizzard into my mouth, even though I was too full). Way to get back to the hills. Congrats and Happy Birthday!

Shrunk said...

You were too full for a blizzard? Is there such thing? ;o)

MizFit said...

but almost peeing your pants?


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