Two reasons to buy from small artisans

Ok, we all know how I LURVE buying from the One of a Kind show when it rolls into town. Last fall, I went and my sister-in-law bought me a ring that I adore and hid it away from me until Christmouse. Unfortunately, I didn't take care of the ring properly and it is in a sad state. But after a little fact finding and a well directed email, the company behind my ring, IMOOI, is willing to fix it up for me free of charge! You should DEFINITELY check out there stuff. I have the punch ring in blue. But in the meantime, I have a naked left hand and was feeling unbalanced. I remembered that our gal pal Paige, a former blogger, had her own business called Blushing Pixie, selling kickass rings, pendants and things. So I took a gander last weekend and found a really nice ocean jasper ring to cover up my middle finger. ...and it came soooo quickly! I can now flip people the bird with flair again!!! HUZZAH!!! So if you're looking for funky jewelry, look no further my friends! I got your back ;)


->cara said...

I LOVE that ocean jasper ring. Gorgeous! I love the jewelry on Blushing Pixie, too. I have to get my wedding band and engagement ring resized because of the 85 pounds I've lost over the past year. I can't wear them on my left hand any more, I wear them on my right ring finger. I feel like I'm not married when I do this. :( So I know what you mean about feeling naked.

MizFit said...

frick :)


thanks for the link.


Bi0nicw0man said...

Thanks girl. Not only am I going to go broke buying rings and necklaces, but IMOOI has freaking cute purses too. I love and hate you at the same time.

cinemarie said...

ooooo I like that 'punch' ring... Very cool! Thanks for the links:)

anna said...

dear mouse~
thanks for the links. dig the rings! you are too cool for words.


JODI said...

she has some gorgeous jewelry on that site - i may have to order my very own middle finger 'flair'... ;o)

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