Silly Nike, Races aren't for Kits

***I know that by writing this I am pimping their run, but you're going to run it if you want to anyway...***
I am being inundated with SPAM from Nike & the Running Room for this stupid event.
I see it plastered in the store every time I go in for run club or clinic.
It's on the pages of every running magazine I pick up.
But you're not going to see me run it.
Because I'd be cheating the system and I don't want to.
See, the run isn't an organized race per se. It is in Vangroovy and 24 other cities but otherwise the giant shoe company is encouraging you to slip on your shoes, slap on your iPod and go for a 10k on your own and post it back to nikeplus.com.
And we allllllll know how much I loooooooooooooove my nike plus. The Running Room is now involved and is gearing 10k clinics with this race as a goal in mind, allowing for more accurate mileage (although anyone who has been to a RR run night knows how a 5km run is always .2, .3, .4 more than it is SUPPOSED to be…). It’s a great idea for those who want to make a 10k a goal race, but of no interest to someone like me. It’s just another gimmick put on by Nike to host a race, and fine by them, and a great way to avoid permits, cops, volunteers, etc. and to cover as many large areas as possible and still break huge records. It’s unfortunate that they’re not staging a race here though. The previous races that they’ve held in TO were well attended and had great marketing campaigns behind them that were HUGE successes.
But for a race that's aiming to make history, that's looking to make every step count no matter how fast or slow, short or long and celebrate human potential, perhaps you shouldn't be relying on faulty technology as your timing chip.
Just sayin'.


Amy said...

John Stanton is a freak. I hate that he slaps the word RUNNNING ROOM on a pair of shorts, and is somehow able to charge $50 for a piece of low quality clothing. I hate that I've fallen victim to his cult, but I do love it. Granted, I refuse to buy anything from his store with the exception of my cult reflective jacket.

I can't say that I'm overly shocked that he's joined forces with Nike... who's joined forces with Apple, etc etc etc.

But, you are a fox.

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

OMG I think that is the race that my friend wanted me to run! Well now it's official...I can't because my friend Marie does not approve. Ah, finally a GOOD excuse!

Angie All The Way said...

Hmmmm, when I was at the RR to get fitted with my sneakers the other week, I went in there saying I wanted NB's and out she comes with the NB's, Brooks and Nikes which she was pushing pretty hard. I'm still ticked that the friggin Nike+ wasn't callibrated properly.

Laura said...

Oh! I get it! Join the human race! How clever. :-P


Laura said...

P.S. Montreal isn't one of the official cities so I can't run it. I guess I'll have to settle for high fiving Youppi! at the CIBC Run for the Cure (which is 5 and not 10 but all I'm currently capable of at the moment, anyway)

Anonymous said...

I was going to sign up for this race but this is the most expensive race I have ever considered entering. $50? For what? Only $5 goes to your selected charity! So that leaves $45 for a t-shirt made in Bangladesh (and we know those workers only get about 10 cents or less for the t-shirt).

I thought that maybe the race fee included the Nike+ wristband and sensor (stand alone or for IPOD) but apparently that isn't the case. Also food and drink at the Vancouver event is NOT free either!

I've run in many races where, at least, the food was free.

I might as well donate $10 ($5 more than Nike) to the WWF and run 10K around my local track next Saturday.

Any thoughts?

marie said...

OMIGAWD - who are you? I love you!
I hate this race. I think it is the STUPIDEST thing EVER.

MARRY ME! Even if you're a chick.


sdc said...

Thanks.... I am pleasantly surprised to find out that I am not the only one thinking this way.

BTW, I am available and male. [wink] Seriously though.... you're comment gave me a laugh... thanks for that! :-)

I still want to know what that $45.00 is for? The 'right' to wear a branded Nike t-shirt (unless they are free, I refused to wear branded clothes!).

I had to laugh at the answer to one of the FAQs.... (paraphrased)..
Q, "How do I return the timing chip?"
A, "You get to keep it as a souvenir"

Gee thanks for that 50 cent worthless piece of junk! We also get to keep the timing chip after the Sun Run for $35.00 and they also feed you.

Okay, I should stop lallygagging and get back to work.

marie said...

DUDE! If you lived in the Tdot, we don't EVEN get that. It's a run on your own where your sorry ass is kind of deal with your nano or sport band.


No food.

No band.

No crowd.

What the slunt is that, I ask you?

That is not a motivating race.

I will be running 18km this sunday and making pancakes.

Feel free to come to TO and have one with me :)

I won't charge you :P

sdc said...

Okay, I understand that many people are somewhat like lemmings but I always thought that 'health nuts' (sorry for the expression) didn't usually fall for advertising gimmicks like this.

I work with a large group of intelligent people but many (~7?) of them already entered. That is what motivated me to enter... that is, until I saw the entry fee.

Please understand, I am by no means a cheap ass... in fact, had 60% of that fee gone to a charity, I would not be here now! I have no problem with an entry fee so long as I understand and accept how the money is distributed.

If this race is as ridiculous as it appears to you and I than why are we the only ones (that I know of) complaining about it?

What kind of pancakes? Are you using maple syrup? yum...

marie said...

Have you run a race? Thousands of lemmings all lined up in technical fabrics with gizmos and gadgets a plenty with NO SHOT at the prize except for beating some douche next to them for a PB.

I guess you guys don't get enough races in vangroovy that this is right up there, eh? Or is because it's a Nike event? Who knows. Don't drink the kool aid...especially at that price.

And they're from scratch...with real maple syrup. Only the best in mouse's house.

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