Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

Mashable, an awesome social networking news site, gathered a bunch of links for bloggers on how to battle the bulge today. Some are not so new to us like Sparkpeople, eDiets or Daily Plate, but some are pretty nifty. Check em out.


Maria said...

Just wanted to say 'yay!' to a fellow social media geek.


marie said...

he he - how are you, maria?

Maria said...

Doing well, thanks. :) Settling into the new job, and for the moment loving every minute of it.

Thankfully the office hasn't been too hot yet - but I think the condensation on the toilet handles today are a sign of things to come. :/

I always think I am going to run into you passing by the 'gaybourhood' (I live in Cabbagetown) and my awkward "Hi Marie!!!" that would ensue. :)

marie said...

Please - We are practically neighbours!

Email me if you ever want to get together!

MizFit said...

I HEART the mashable.


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