A New Breed of Pill Popping Pre-Teens

Articles like this really don't shock me. I mean, the cold hard facts about childhood obesity and the related illnesses are shocking, but the subject matter relayed in that article didn't really get a reaction out of me. Why? I was one of those eight year-olds. That's right. 20 years ago my doctor was lecturing me, my brothers and my parents about our high cholesterol levels. I had to take classes and learn about hydrogenated oils, clogged arteries, how to read labels for good and bad fats and how I should modify my eating habits to live a longer life or risk heart disease. If I was that eight year-old today, my doctor would have simply written me a prescription for a pill a day to keep heart attack at bay. My, my - how times have changed. But they haven't. We sit there and bemoan the fact that our children are getting bigger and we're doing nothing to curb their burgeoning waistlines when we're just feeding into laziness. At least my parents, my doctor, THE SYSTEM tried to do something for me and my brothers. The issue was that we just didn't care enough about what was going on inside. Too young to FULLY understand the risks we were taking with each precious bite of a chocolate bar or handful of chips (mostly behind our parents' backs). The nutrition education and the prescription for exercise is the RIGHT thing. Saying these kids are doing the exercise and you're not seeing the results is probably false. Take it from me; they're not following doctor's orders. But if exercise came in a pill, they'd take it daily.


Paige'smom said...

Sigh .. there is a pill for EVERYTHING today.

Really just masks the problem, I think.

Easier said than done, I know.. but feed your kids right, get them out moving and be healthy. If that doesn't work.. take the pill.

carla said...

And REALLY when will we learn?!

From the looks of the empty playgrounds in my area not with my Toddler's generation either.


CaRoLyN said...

Ugh, depressing isn't it?

Michelle said...

Hi, I found your blog by way of Sara - http://thenewsara.blogspot.com/

I noticed our highest weight and goal weight are nearly the same! Mine was 233.8 and my goal is 145. Congratulations on your accomplishment!

If exercise came in a pill...ahhh the fantasy. We know we'd miss out on a lot of fun though. Oh and your Dear Hypocrite post had me laughing.

Jenni said...

Hi! I think your doctor had the right idea when you where a kid. I think the biggest problem today is that society has a pill for everything, so why would you want to work for it?

As a side note, would you mind if I linked to your blog? I find you an absolute inspiration.

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