Mousearoo Actually Mumbling - Nissan Ten Miler

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cinemarie said...

Unfortunately, I can't see your post yet - they disable 'video viewing' on the net at work... too many people slowing down the network:) I'll have to try from home!
Congrats on doing the 10 miler!!! Can't wait to hear about it:)

Laura said...

I'm happy you didn't give up on yourself, too. You give big inspiration in the little things you say. Thanks a million for being you. You are awesome!


Sara said...

finally got to watch your post! I love seeing you talk! Anyways, running by yourself is tough and lonely and I found to be actually harder than the running itself. One reason why I don't miss long distance running anymore!

Anyways, sounds like you had an amazing race! Congrats on another 10 miler under your belt!

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