I can C clearly now

Relationships are all about Cs, so it would seem... We have communication, commitment (scary word people. SCARY), canoodling (who really says this?)...But the one I want to get to is compromise. People seem to do the give and take thing to make things work with their partners in order to achieve a happy balance. *cue sickly sweet aww noise here that makes me want to gag* So the boy (until we come up with a clever nickname for him) was hatching a plot to make me dinner last night and asking what I can and cannot eat. See, cooking is kind of his thing (as in does it to pay the bills) and he wants to show off but doesn't want me to stray off plan and avoid all of my crazy migraine triggers. Now, do I risk what could be a potentially mouth-watering, happy-belly experience and let him make something that HE likes making or do I make him tailor something to suit ME and run the risk of him hating it?

and then it hit me *KATHUNK*

Why do we COMPROMISE on taste for the sake of a healthier lifestyle at times? I mean, you CAN have your cake and eat it too (as we've proved with our crazy concoctions like diet pop cupcakes and frozen peanut butter cups) but why must we eat bland food for the sake of losing .6lbs per week?

Do you find that you've compromised in terms of taste to lose weight? Is it something you're willing to sacrifice on in order to meet a goal?

Does cottage cheese REALLY do it for you, forever and ever amen?

The great mysteries of life...that I want answers to, dammit! Because I don't think I can live without spices and fancy sauces and dips (oh, my!)

How about you?

I mean, it's all about moderation, right? But that doesn't start with C....hmmmm...(self-)control?

Sounds good to me.

This post has been brought to you by the letter C.

Which is also for cheeeeeeeeeese :)


Sarah said...

Boy!? Awesome!!

What did you eat?

Randi said...

Interesting...I know that I no longer like chicken wings after I saw the nutritional info on them. I'm not sure if I didn't like them much before anyway so now I really don't, or if the terribleness of them turned a like into a dislike. I do LOVE the taste of ALL fruit, generally more than candy, but was it always like that, or did I compromise my way into that? I can't taste enough of a difference between diet and regular pop to make me miss it. Maybe taste wasn't enough of a winner for me to begin with that I feel cheated now.

Amy said...

Cheese gives me migraines.

FYI: As if you're friggin seeing a chef.... and canoodling one for that matter.

Me = fucking jealous! ;)

marie said...

Sarah - the dinner is for the weekend. He's trying to plan it.

Randi - I know there are somethings I *think* I like the taste of that I avoid because I know too much about, but I'm thinking about things we eat because they're better but not necessarily so tasty - the reverse really...

Amy - It's true. if you candoodle with me, will that make it better?

Jen said...

C is for cookie that's good enough for me...


Okay first of all...I LOVE the taste of cottage cheese...adore it actually, i am a sick individual.

Secondly, I ate the STUPIDEST things "before" - my lasagna was noodles and cottage cheese (now it is filled with THREE cheeses, meat, sauce, GARLIC and veggies), my other pasta was tortellini will alfredo, now it's gnocchi with EVERY VEGGIE and GARLIC and spices...out at a restaurant was PLAIN cheese pizza or chicken fingers and fries...now there is NOTHING that I won't eat on my pizza (except anchovies, ew) and my chicken is stuffed with goat cheese and my fries are sweet potato...weird huh????

I think that's why I am digging this weight loss thing...bland foods be gone!!! (oh, and I am apparently the antithesis of your theory, but I am sure you still ♥ me anyway - oh and do you have any leftovers you could send me???)

Maria said...

Cute Chef? ;)

I squealed 'mouse has a boy!' hehe, I am stoked for you - he sounds like a ... catch.

Other than a brief love affair with crystal light/diet coke/source yogurt right when I started WW, I can't say I've ever been one for diet stuff (cut fake sugars out cold turkey more than a year ago). I like my butter, cheese, oil, cream, etc. to be real if it's complementing some veg or what have you. I think complementing is the key c here - the high-calorie indulgences can't be the focal point of a meal.


Bi0nicw0man said...

You said "boy"!

Now I've forgotten everything else...

Oh right, CCCCCCCC.... :)

I find my compromises come in the shape of "well if I eat this now I can't have that later" or "if I'm a good girl and eat salad for lunch I can have dessert later"...or other similar situations.

I've tried eating stuff that is mildly OK, but in the end it never lasts.

JODI said...

oh, how lucky (or unlucky as some might say) to be dating a chef! i love a guy that knows his way around the kitchen so kudos for you! as for the whole compromise thing - i think it's great that he asked you what you can/cannot have - that shows that he cares, right? when i was actively trying to lose weight, eric tried his best to eat better around me and would often ask, "is this okay for you to have?"... granted, there will be times when your 'boy' wants to make something utterly "oh god, i shouldn't be eating this" but that doesn't mean you have to have seconds... ;o)

marie said...

Ladies, Ladies - you're still not answering the question.


Vanessa said...

Hooray for Boy!

Sara said...

C = cute = boy cooking you dinner. Awwww.

Okay on to your question. I did compromise taste with some stuff - like eating diet cookies rather than home made cookies just made with healthier ingredients. But I don't anymore. It is not worth it to me. I still use butter (gasp!) and olive oil we just use them in smaller quantities. I still eat steak, just half of one. I still eat all my faves just some are once a year treats (like fish and chips and cheetos) and others are accounted for. The best example is popcorn. Popcorn is my absolute fave food - but only oil popped - I HATE microwave or air popped popcorn. So I only eat it once a week and I save the points to eat it. Anyways, good question, good post!

So back to the boy - what are you going to do? The compromise for me would be to tell your migraine triggers and just see what he makes - as long as his cooking doesn't involve a deep fryer it shouldn't be too horrible. Anyways, I need to end this novel.

C ya later!

Angie All The Way said...

OMG a Chef AND he wants to make it healthy???? Yup, I may have just peed in my pants a little! :P

I have drawn a distinction between enjoying the taste of food and feeling satisfied after eating it. There are plenty of things that taste awesome but don't leave me feeling satisfied, so I might prefer to eat something else that might not "taste" as good because I feel more satisfied after. Quantity is another big one with me. I tend to try to get the best all around bang for my buck. I want the most food that's a healthy choice as often as possible BUT I would still love to eat a slice of chocolate eruption cake in an instant over diet pop cake. That's a tough question to answer!

anna said...

one thing i have definately been Craving like Crazy is Cheese...have your cheese and eat it too!!

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