Go Skirt! does the Pride Run!

Hey hey! Sorry for the lateness! Marie pretty much summed up the details of how I feel about the run. I would say I was pleasantly surprised to see some of my friends that I know from other sports leagues join up with the run. I had never seen them at previous runs, so I guess the word is getting out. Neat-o. And of course, Marie and I were quite alarmed that our little gestures of publicity turned out to be far more successful than we could have ever imagined. Incredibly humbling. I didn't take the camera with me on the run this time (it did rain quite a bit that morning, so I didn't want to get out there and have to protect it the whole time) so I left it with my friend Jim to take some shots as we came in. Eli, Leah and I at the start line, looking pretty ferocious. ....and maybe not so ferocious. Keith tends to tame us. Hey! The first skirt to near the finish! Go Keith! Sam and Marie were way too fast for Jim to get a front shot. How does that dust taste, Jim? Hm? You know, the more I really think about this picture, this group... the more I really appreciate ALL THE WORK THAT MUST HAVE WENT INTO THIS. wow. werrrrrrrrrk. Eli mentioned something how he entered a 5k run back in Edmonton when he was in high school, and he finished dead last. For reals. It's like 10 years later, and he finished strong. (and by strong, I mean not last. and quite respectably. you go boy.) And here were the ladies an hour later, working Jarvis. It's surreal to think some girls dropped a grand on these dresses and then these dudes run through the rainy roads in 'em like it's no thing. There was a pic of me in a skirt, but for decency's sake, I'm going to leave that picture off this blog. You can trust me, I wore something resembling a skirt. Despite the side cramp at 3k (and then the one on the other side of me at 4k) I think I ended up with a respectable time. This run certainly felt more about the cause and the fellowship more than the end race result. Holy crap, am I growing or something? So thanks to those that took the time to sponsor me online (you know who you are, because there's a strong chance I might not really know you.....BUT I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!) I strongly encourage those who want to try out a 5k with a little more community, a little more ease, and a lot more...umm....FABULOUS, check us out next year. Pleeeeeeeease. As for a next run for me, well, I don't know. Marie will probably be doing some half marathon, and I'll be at the finish with a scone and an americano in hand. You guys have any race suggestions?


marie said...

ahhhh - my dimply legs for all of the world to see.

I will blog about it upon my return from Windsor tomorrow.


Blue Ice Dave said...

You both are the best...exercise & working for a cause. Love you both!

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