"Go On - You Earned It"

You get up early Sunday mornings and not because you REALLY want to. You have a goal in mind. A race that is 13 miles that are both easy and hard, beautiful and ugly, all at the same time. You spend 16 weeks preparing for that bad boy and today you dragged your ass out of bed at 7a.m., slipped on your shoes and ran 12.5km running in the glorious sunshine with about 30 friends and strangers. And when you were done, covered in sweat and basking in the glow that comes with a great sense of accomplishment, the Running Room store manager came around with a tin of brownies and prodded you to take one. "Go on - you earned it." But did I? Sam and I had just had a conversation on our run about running to eat and eating to run. But that was something entirely different. Being the awesome foodie that she is, she's looking to make awesome meals and feasts that follow food groups and are satisfying to all senses. But these bland looking brown squares are anything but. Although I'm sure tasty on the tongue, they're empty calories and aren't meeting any nutritional requirements. Did I REALLY earn them? Is that helping me accomplish my goal? What am I out to earn? I want the t-shirt, I want the medal, I want the chip-time, and yes, somewhere along the line, I wouldn't mind the body of the chick I saw running up Yonge St. as I contemplated this on my way home (damn her and her abs!). But I don't want the brownie. I didn't EARN that. I can bake that shit myself.


JER29ELEVEN said...

I think that was partially my attitude ("I *earned* it") yesterday when I started snacking like crazy, after my great WI.

But really, all I would end up "earning" from that is a few extra pounds being put back on! Not exactly the "reward" I'm looking for, now is it? I really had to remind myself about what I wanted more than the food!

Thanks for this post, it really helped! :)


Sam said...

Hey! I earned a mention in your blog! Does that make me famous??

Great post, BTW. Those brownies are the devil some days.


marie said...

One day you are going to write a post for me, Sam :P

Hi Abu! :) I'm glad you're commenting here. Make sure to stop by more often!

Maria said...

Congrats, Marie! Sounds like quite the race. If you earned any brownie for that kind of run, I'd make it a valrhona-chocolate stuffed, pecan-and-walnut studded, best quality brownie out there you can find. *That's* an indulgence, not betty crocker from a box. Brownie to match the race. ;)

marie said...

I sooo want brownies now.

Damn you, Maria!!!

Sarah said...

Congrats on your run and your insight into avoiding the brownie!!
You write the truth, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Insightful post which sparketh my own mulling.

For me it was ALL ABOUT THE EARNED IT until I hit about 35.

Then I really did earn it and (we're talking aesthetics here...for me anyway) worked it off already.

So it was in total balance.

As I'm thisclose to 40 I find the earned OREO PACKAGE still finds its way to making some saddlebags.

So I shall happily adopt YOUR mindset...


jainey said...

simple equation:

mouse's pancakes > random brownies.

lesson over.

Crabby McSlacker said...

You have such a sensible attitude!

Here's my problem: I can not look at a brownie, no matter how mediocre it might be, and see a bland brown square.


So I'd probably go with the "I earned it," gobble it up, and then later wish I'd waited to treat myself to something better when I really wanted it.

cinemarie said...

you should earn a reward for doing the race... the question is more, should a brownie be a reward...hmmm...

I agree with you...

Weird that they would offer that at the running room?! not familiar with 'races' or 'race etiquette'... yet... :)

Sara said...

your a better person than I am, in my mind I ate that brownie and maybe even a second. damn.

marie said...

it wasn't a race, kids.

Just a normal run.

the race is at the end of september.

and after i run i make the pancakes jainey speaks of :P

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