Paul Plakas may irritate the heck out of you

but sometimes he'll give you a nugget of GOLD on X-weighted that is worth sitting through the agony and they finally give in and attempt to lose weight. "If you put yourself first, you're going to be successful." I could have kissed the guy (and then been tackled by Amy). That is the number one reason that I was successful in my weight loss attempt. Sure, I can cite that it was Weight Watchers and give you a detailed account of my exercise plan from a few months in until today, but it really was realizing that I couldn't take myself for granted anymore. It's amazing just how many people do that though, whether it's the fuel we choose to put into our bodies that day, by hiding in wrong sized clothes and not taking proper hygiene measures, plunking ourselves down on the couch or worrying about our families and not our needs instead. You need to ask yourself if you really put yourself first. Do you take yourself for granted in all aspects of your life, from health to emotional well-being? Because for some of us, our eating habits stem from our emotional health and our happiness can effect what we put in our mouths. By eliminating negativity, by choosing to be number one, by putting your needs first, you can really do a lot of good. It's something so simple yet people are so afraid to do it for fear of looking selfish to others. You do have to find that balance. I can appreciate that those with families would have an increasingly difficult time, but you're not alone in it either. Including them in your efforts still makes you number one. You need to take care of YOU. By taking care of YOU, you take care of them too. You show others you care. You make positive changes for the future. Success does happen. Just look around.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Excellent point.

I think women are particularly susceptible to feeling like their mission in life is to make others happy--it can also be easier to worry about other people than take care of ourselves.

I don't have kids so it's easy for me to say "spend more time on your health"--hard in practice I'll bet. But really important.

Espressomama said...

You are so right! I wouldn't be on the third + time of losing this weight if I had only continued to put myself on my list of priorities. You may excuses about life getting in the way, but really you need to keep yourself on the top of your list to be successful at weightloss.

Amy said...

Mmmm... Paul Plakas.

What I would give for a night with that man.


Amy said...

and yes, I would tackle you if you smootched him.

MizFit said...

sometime I fear I put myself first too much?

in that I take my 45min-an hour of me time (read: often working time but still) NO MATTER WHAT.

Im totally not flexible in it (much to hubbys chagrin perhaps?) as it makes me a far better mamasisterfrienddaughterwifeMizFit.

but I may need to learn some balance the other way.


Sara said...

golden nugget indeed but I think one of the hardest things to do! Something I definiely contend with.

I love Paul Plakas - don't find him attractive at all - but I like his whole food and lots of exercise approach to weight loss.

Oh and he is my most searched key word for my blog. Weird huh?

Erin said...

You so got me. I love what you said, "worrying about our families and not our needs instead." That is so me right now, and I KNOW that I have to stop it, that it is just another excuse in disguise. You have got me thinking, which is very very good.

CaRoLyN said...

I hate Paul Plakas so much that I kind of love him.

I don't mind putting myself first surprisingly but I think it has to do with what phase in your life you are in. I'm young, married with no children, no pets, no huge responsibilities so in my world, I come first a good majority of the time! Wow, typing that out makes me sound horrible!

Mandy said...

Excellent post Marie. I have always been the #1 advocate of: it's ok to be selfish. Not in a bad way, but we MUST think of ourselves first or we end up getting hurt by giving, giving, giving too much. There definitely has to be a balance and it's hard.

Shirls said...

I can't tell you how happy I was to read this! I've often said "taking care of you is never the wrong choice" and see! finally someone people watch and admire has said that same thing, its nice to hear. From my own experience I found I had to take that step and do it for myself, I've had so many people I've meet fall around me and stop the effort, if I had attached myself to their efforts instead of doing it for myself where would I be? If I decided to wait for hubby to make the change with me I'd still be waiting, somethings you have to do it for yourself alone and putting yourself as #1 is never wrong. A happy person makes a much better mom, sister, friend, co-worker..

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