Gimme a Gimmick

Oh you crazy Starbucks kids...

So apparently I've had my head up my ass when I've been ordering my sugar-free vanilla americanos for the last two months.

the bux introduced little mermaid topped splash sticks to keep our beverages warm in our cups and not on our laps.

If it wasn't for my nosey nature and leaving my keys on my desk at work today, I wouldn't have ventured over to see jainey at his part-time gig, spied the little green goblins at the cash and tried them out.

It did the trick, keeping the brown liquid in all the way home (granted, the barista gave me a three-quarter full americano...) and it can totally double as a stir stick.

And it's got branding to boot.

It does create a bit of a quandary though - in an era of being green, does giving out little plastic sticks to cover up a plastic lid on a paper cup just create MORE waste? Are you doing enough by encouraging people to JUST reuse them? Was this the best possible solution? Was it best to make them green (I know it's a corporate colour and all...).

Overall, kudos to the marketing & PR kids at the bux, especially the brains behind MyStarbucksIdea (Go bitch about your bux there or make super cool suggestions).

And a special thanks to the barista for making my yummy americano :)

Oh, and jeep :P


meredi said...

Wow. That's unbelievable... never would have thought of such a thing (but then again, I'm not a coffee connoisseur). I must admit that the first thing that went through my mind was the waste. I hope they're not standard and people have the option of picking one up?

I bet they could have made them out of corn plastic if they'd really wanted to... or heck, just create little pieces of tape (with no adhesive near the hole area) to achieve the same goal. But not as sexy I guess. Or charge an extra $0.50 for them so people won't just grab them willy-nilly, and will instead reuse.

Interesting that they chose a mermaid of all things! I wonder if they'll change themes periodically. Maybe people will start collecting :P

Mandy said...

That seems like a strange solution - wouldn't it be better to modify the cups with a little flip? It would use much less plastic.

marie said...

Well, technically she's a twin tailed siren...mermaid...whatever you want to call her.

That's their logo...have to get your brand in wherever, I guess.

Bi0nicw0man said...

Waste, schmaste. I. NEED. ONE.


MizFit said...


veers quickly off track and ON TO the I NEED COFFEE track.



eurydice said...

that's very cute - but pretty wasteful.

says the girl who grabs a coffee sleeve for every beverage, including lattes, that are really even that hot.

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