There is no joy in mouseville

Today was supposed to be a happy day.

Why, you ask?

Well, a mere two weeks ago I had pre-ordered a Wii Fit online through Future Shop.

A major coup! ...or so I thought until I checked the shipping status just now...

What the jim jammer is this? OUT OF FREAKIN STOCK?!?!?!

How the hell is that possible when I pre-ordered the bloodsucker?

You showed 45 of the stupid little boards on May 2 when I put in my claim for all of the little furry creatures who love cheese and just want to do a little yoga in front of their TVs, why are you telling me that you have zero in the bin now?

You should be telling me that it's on a Canada Post truck in Mississauga or something, on its way to my lovely home RIGHT FLIPPING NOW!

Do it - post haste.

or feel my wrath.


Shirls said...

man that sucks, pre-order should be pre-order, maybe its "out of stock" once all the pre-orders had already been filled, keeping fingers crossed.

Also can I please request a review once Wii fit is obtained and used? I'd love to know, I'm considering a purchase myself..

Shirls said...
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Carolyn said...

Awww damn, that sucks.

We ordered ours through EB and we heard a rumor last night that the EBs didn't get enough to cover their pre-orders.

DBF was outta the house this am super early to get ours.

I haven't tried it yet, but I'd share if we were close enough! :)

marie said...

Move to TO - NOW.

Both Jeepers and I will review the board.

Should it EVER arrive.

Jen said...

BOO, what a let down! Hopefully they were wrong and won't have to suffer the wrath of Mouse!

Jenn said...

That sucks! I hope that it comes soon!

Angie All The Way said...

We're getting one too! :-)))))) I'm super excited about getting one, but I didn't bother with the craze on opening day. If you pre-order the friggin thing, you should be getting it! That sucks, but I hope you get it soon.

Girl with a Problem said...

That is infuriating (or for a mouse infurryating) when that happens!

It reminds me of arriving at a 4 star hotel in Detroit after driving hours in a terrible storm and when I get to the counter they tell me that they don't have a room for me. WTF?

"You don't have my reservation?" I asked.

"We have your reservation, but we have no more rooms," dimwit blinks back at me.

"If you have my reservation, then you have a room here for me." I say, still polite, but daring her to cross me.

"No. We are full up." Asshat replies, looking rather aggravated that I don't just head back into the rain and find a doorway to sleep in.

"It's guaranteed with my credit card," I snarl back at her.

"Yes ma'am (god I hate that), it's guaranteed, but we're full" she snarls back at me.

"It says on my intinerary that if I don't call and cancel before midnite that my credit card will be charged. Why is that then?" I say, my lips tight across my teeth.

"Because if we hold a room for you and you don't show up, we lose money on the room - and you have to pay for that." I can tell she thinks I am an idiot for asking that question.

"You lose money because you hold my room and can't rent it to someone else?" I ask - this time smiling.

"Yes ma'am" with an audible huff.

"Then give me the room that you were holding for me, that you couldn't rent to anyone else, and that you were going to charge my card for or I am going to through the biggest screaming fit you have ever seen right here at this desk!" I'm so mad I'm spitting when I say this, but I'm also really excited because I know I'm either about to get my room, or I'm about to win one hell of a fist fight.

There are some disadvantages to ordering things online. It's much easier to throttle the git that f'd you over in person.


Shirls said...

sorry but I love girl with a problems comment, cracked me up and made me realize I'm not alone, others see dumb people too ;0)

marie said...

I think I have a giant girl crush.

Can you come back and comment every day about what ever is bothering you?

You seriously brighten my day.

Carolyn said...

Mini-review on the Wii Fit:

SUPER FUN! (But not so fun as to make mouse feel like she is missing out) :)

I haven't played for very long but it makes you VERY aware of how you hold your body.

marie said...

Does NOT have a girl crush on Carolyn, because she has a Wii Fit.

Boo, Carolyn. BOOOOOO! :P

I'd still run with ya though :)
Come to TO for pride and do the 5k with us. DO IT!

BTW - my order now shows it is "in stock" WTF?! SHIP ME THE FRICKIN' THING!!!

Girl with a Problem said...

Happy to return the favor Mouse.


To show my new found self confidence, I won't ask you if 'giant' refers to the size of your crush, or is a reference to my stately frame.


Mel said...

I preordered mine too and haven't heard anything. Guess I better go check it out and see when it will ship. CANNOT wait!!

So jealous of the people who have it already...I want it first!!!

Carolyn said...


Mouse would run with meee?

aww thanks :)

The pride run sounds super fun - when is it?

I am seeing a rheumatologist on monday and thank god because I am ready to get a handle on managing my pain and being able to run in a predictable fashion from now on!


anna said...

too bad you weren't in the audience at the ellen degeneres show...she gave these out to everyone there. i was dying, sooo jealous i couldn't see straight!! too bad i don't live in LA?

Mandy said...

hehe, you are too cute. Future Shop sucks! haha

Mandy said...

OMG - I just went and read girl-with-a-problem's comment.... HYSTERICAL, GIRL!!!! I particularly loved this part:

"I'm so mad I'm spitting when I say this, but I'm also really excited because I know I'm either about to get my room, or I'm about to win one hell of a fist fight."

You kick ass.

Totally girl crush.

MizFit said...


cant wait to live vicariously.


Bi0nicw0man said...

Future Shop = devil

Poor Mouse!!!

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