I've become soft in my old age...

and I'm not talking about my doughy midsection.
I'm reading The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacob and I find myself with a friggin lump in my throat at parts.
Bad part - I'm reading the book on the freakin' subway.
No need for me to become a mess on my way to work. I'm already balancing lunch bags, gym bags, coffee mugs and my messenger bag, I don't need to become a big sack of tears to attract attention too.
But it's such an adorable story so far of a mother, a daughter, a knitting store and a group of women that it weaves together in New York city.
Maybe I like it so much because I'm totally obsessed with NYC...or love knitting...or am so bored to death on the train.
I don't know.
Freakin' read it already.
I don't often recommend or read chick lit so enjoy this while it lasts.
Better than that shopaholic crap. :D


MizFit said...

ooooh thanks!

Ive picked this up a bazillion times in Target and tossed it back down.

I shall procure it today!


Laura said...

Yes but the ending is so ... PREDICTABLE!

I love this kind of junk food reading. It's the intellectual equivalent to eating a Jos. Louis.

If you're into mysteries, I have a couple of knitting-themed titles I could send your way.

I remember the first time I wept while reading on the subway. I was coming home from Yorkdale shopping centre in 8th grade and wept uncontrollably as I got to the end of Of Mice and Men. I had to get off at Eglinton West to collect myself.

marie said...

bahahahhaha - literary junk food - LOVE IT!

Oh sweet lord I love steinbeck!

ALL of his books! But especially the grapes of wrath and east of eden.

I'm getting all misty now...

jeannie* said...

I just finished this book a few weeks ago... I loved it! Such cute, fun, easy reading. And I too was misty eyed at times. Glad you're enjoying it!

Sarah said...

Hehehe, I read this book on my cruise!

I cried too!

Anonymous said...

Cannot STAND the shopaholic books (garbage) but enjoy well written chick-lit so I'll check it out.

How did the SL 10km go for you - I was there and had my eyes open for you, but missed you in the hordes.

It was my first time running it and man, downhill = fast!

You at the GL tonight?

Shrunk said...

Hmmmm, doesn't sound like my thang really. I'm not into the sap ;o)

marie said...

Shrunk - i hate chick books with a passion, but this is kinda nice.

Sally - it is a fast race, but I am slow. 54:48, which was 40 some odd seconds slower than last year.

I am no match for a gazelle like you!

No GL for me today. I should be there Thursday though :)

Blue Ice Dave said...

Sounds a lot like How to Make an american Quilt. I tend to love books that weave together craft or talent into a story. Guess I'll have to add it to my ever-growing list of things to read.

eurydice said...

i already have this on hold at the library :)

whats the skinny said...

alright already. i'll go.

SweetRelief said...

Haven't heard of it...I will definitely at least find it and give it a look. Thanks for the heads up.

Mandy said...

Hate chick books, myself. HATED the Shopoholic books - well, I read part of the first one and couldn't even force myself to get half way - bored me to tears.

Glad you enjoyed it though!

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