How I Spent My 10k (by Jainey)

Hey y'all! For those that don't know (but you already might), I would be that little brother that Mousearoo talks about. You know, John, Jeepers, JP....but my closest friends call me Jainey (it's catchy, try it.) There might be some sort of link on the sidebar to a blog that I used to give a little more love and care....but like most wannabe bloggers, I kind of ran out of things to talk about. Oops. However, something has happened over the weekend, which has forced me to inspired me to write something new and fresh! The Sporting Life 10K! Probably the quickest 10k you'll ever run! (It's mostly downhill, and there's lots to see. Well, if you like looking at the city when the sun rises. And I most certainly count myself in that category.)

Well, maybe this isn't so much of a blog....it's mostly photos....but it says a lot. (Baby steps, people.) Let's go! 730am: Meet at Running Room at Yonge and Eglinton-ish. Meet Marie's super nice runner friend-types. This would be slightly more enjoyable if it weren't about 5 degrees out. And really windy. And if I hadn't already checked my sweater and sweatpants in my knapsack at the bagcheck. Oh sweater, how I miss thee. I was super fortunate to end up on the same bus that was carting my good friend Natasha to the run. This was her first time doing a 1ok run (well, beyond the treadmill) and she was a little worried, seeing as she was having a little knee issue (something about a miniscus...) However, she worked the route like a champ. After the race, she asked me about doing a half-marathon... ...to which I replied 'I have to take a camera to a 10k to keep the engagement going...I don't even want to IMAGINE a half-marathon.' Shhhh. Note the fieldmouse in her natural habitat...jockeying for position within the runners finishing between 50-55 minutes....


'....so I'm having a little party, Sunday morning....it's out on the street...just a few cool people and you better be one of them....

...and by a few, I mean 10,000 or so. very intimate.'



1K: Oooooh, look! There's a band! Cute. Sounds about right at this point of the race.

Ok, people, I'm NOT made of stone. If anyone's reading this and it turns out to be them....well, um....think of it as a compliment.

Running with a BACKPACK!?!?!? I'm annoyed as it is running with a camera in my hand..... People.
4k: All I hear is 'JOHN! JOHN!' I turn around, and there I see Troy (the one on the left) yelling and waving at me from the 'Bucks at Yonge @ Roxborough. I neglect to wonder why he's up at this crazy hour and not having brunch, and run BACKWARDS through the rush to give my love.
(Troy's a lawyer, plays on my recreational volleyball team, and is as sweet as a big bag of sugar.) 5k:
Speaking of big bags of sugar, I accidentally grabbed the cup of Gatorade instead of water.
And by that, I mean I grabbed the cup of Gatorade from the bottom of the barrel.
Mmmmm. Grainy.
So I ran out of ideas.
But look at what I can do! Look! 7k:
9 Drunks and A Runner.
I heart running teams. They gets creative.
It's sunny! AND WARM!
If only I could say the same thing for the cold, jagged, callous street that is Adelaide. Have you driven on that thing lately!?!? I almost fell in!
9k: Um....a drum circle?!?! Ok, cute and all, but this isn't what I want to hear when my calves are throwing in the towel, my underwear is trying to tell me what a bad choice I made this morning by digging into my skin, and I'm suddenly wondering if Marie is going to come up from behind and beat me (seeing as I'm starting to slow down....hmmm, I wonder why?)
Someone get me a bagel! At the line-up to take off race chips:
LOVE this shirt.
(personal aside: I DID beat this guy. nyah nyah.) So why do we do it?
The satisfaction of pushing your limits?
The adrenaline rush of having everyone cheering you on?
The underwhelmingly designed dri-fit runner's T-Shirt they give you in the race kit? Your sister made you do it?
We all have our reasons.
Though I'm starting to like giving the guy on stilts a high-five (maybe as much as he enjoys giving me a low one.)
So I turned in a pretty respectable 46 minute chip time (considering the camera breaks) and I do recall Marie getting something around the 54 minute mark.
What did we learn from this year? I think we learned we still need to move up EVEN MORE at the start, because everyone that finished ahead of us TOOK LONGER THAN WE DID.
Oh, and I also learned to avoid Richtree for brunch. Having to wait in line for 15 minutes for a mediocre omelette (while all the other runner-friend-types eat and mingle) and then getting hit with the auto-gratuity at the end was a cute little kick to the junk.
If you're thinking of joining us for that (Marie, myself, your mother, and an assortment of other fabulous people), please STRONGLY CONSIDER joining online at the website and joining our team GO SKIRT. Why you ask? Well, beyond the super catchy name (and that it will encourage you to run in a skirt) you can save $5 off registration by joining the team. And we can use all the skirts we can get.
And yes, I will be wearing one as well.
Ok, that's all. Back to your regular programming. For now.....


katieo said...

I really felt like I was running right there with you guys. all the way down to the random drum circle.
(next time maybe we'll get some live action footage?? :)

(and troy really does look as sweet as a big bag of sugar)

MizFit said...

I have a huge crush on this post.

LOVE all the details (and that tag tee as well. priceless) as I too felt as though I was there (AND plan to claim it as my cardio for the day)


marie said...

Um, have I mentioned that I have the best brothers in the whole wide world? :)

Angie All The Way said...

Adorable and it gets me all psyched up for my first 5K this weekend :-)

Jennifer said...

Marie you never told me how cute your brother was!

I really enjoyed this post! It kept me laughing, haha. But seriously, why would someone choose to run a 10K with a backpack? LOL! Not me! :P

Marie your running outfit was really cute! :)

And now (despite the pain I'm in right now don't want to think about running a 5K at this point) I've been convinced even more to run the Pride Run. But I don't have a nice skirt! lol. I think if I bring my Nike+ iPod thinger I'll be okay because at least then I can pace myself a little bit.


Jen said...

Aw Marie, I think I ♥ your brother now almost as much as I ♥ you!

Do good legs run in the family? We might need to see some evidence at the skirt run!!
(um, and the legs comment was an attempt at a bad pun...just a shoddy attempt at putting a sentence together!)

Jen said...

argh...it WASN'T an attempt at a bad pun...geez, even I am not THAT cheezy!

marie said...

silly jen ♥

jainey said...

i was looking for a skirt pic last night to post, but my laptop went right-clickaphobic after a few hours.

here's the evidence:

Thom said...

John, it is so great to see a blog from you again! I really don't buy the bit about having nothing to say - I have always enjoyed your unique perspective. WRITE MORE!!! if you want to, that is...

Hey Marie, thanks for the heads up and having this very cool guest blogger!

Shrunk said...

I know you probably don't want to hear it...but your bro is HOTTTTTTTTTT!

Great time for both of you, WTG!

marie said...

Of course he is - he's related to me!

and have no fear, kiddies...this isn't the last that we'll hear from him ;)

baby steps, right?

Blue Ice Dave said...

It's good to see the little bro make an appearance...and a photo essay to boot. We've missed his views on life in Toronto.

Glad you both had a successful race. Running is one of those things that my broken down body just can't handle.

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