GBU - blue used to be my favourite colour edition

Good: THE HEALTHY EATING CHALLENGE IS OVER! THANK DOG! Bad: You would NOT be able to know by looking in my fridge. Ugly: I guess I am still technically on this challenge because I’m still eating PC Blue Menu products until they’re all gone. Clever minxes you Loblaws people are. Good: I appear to have lost some weight. Bad: I actually went up .8 at my final weigh in – meh. Ugly: My Internet connection this morning, otherwise you’d have a picture proving that I’m 142.5 this morning. Good thing I’m so bloody honest with you people, eh? Good: This challenge actually made me feel better about myself outwardly. WEIRD. Bad: This challenge made me hate preparing food and I LOVE cooking. Ugly: This challenge made me hate chicken, which I love. I realized I currently have five types of it in my freezer right now; burgers, two types of stuffed breasts, kebobs and mandarin breasts. I actually MISSED OUT on another type because I ran out of space. I also ate it in two types of lunch meat. I am now looking to see if I have sprouted feathers. Good: I finally had broccoli last night and almost wept. Bad: It got stuck in my teeth. Ugly: I didn’t notice it until I went to bed and I had a friend over. Thanks for telling me, jerks. Good: I discovered new products that I probably wouldn’t have tried before like this, this, these and these. Bad: I discovered things I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy like this, this, these and this. Ugly: I discovered that fruit could be enjoyable, but only when hidden under PC Blue Menu Fibre First Multi-Bran Cereal Good: …BYE, SALAD!!! Bad: sadly, I currently have no veggies in the house…but I have fruit :S Ugly: I don’t know what I am going to do with the fruit…but I still have more cereal. Sigh. Good: I will go back to abusing my slow cooker, making fantastic recipes and meals from scratch, NOT packages! Bad: This will probably be reflected on the scale Ugly: Who really gives a damn? The numbers should NEVER rule me. Good: My goal was to tame the digital devil - I think I was somewhat successful Bad: I did start to let the numbers rule me. Ugly: In effect, it wasn't a success then. Maybe I should have never agreed to this. Good: This did teach me about "healthy eating" by showing me how much processed crap is out there packaged as "good for us." Bad: Unfortunately, I will still consume some of said processed crap until it's out of my house and will continue to eat it as I am a giant hypocrite, but it's all about moderation, right? Ugly: I think some of my coworkers are going to start asking where the leftover treats are. Too bad jainey has dibs on em. Good: But points, calories, whatever you want to count and measure, you NEED to look at Canada’s Food Guide (or the American counterpart) and get the RIGHT servings in to be healthy and successful at weight loss Bad: No matter how often I say this, I rarely see it in action. Ugly: I wonder which company will be next to take CFG and rebrand it as a diet... because it really is that simple. This post was brought to you by the letters P and C and the colour blue.


MizFit said...

GOOD: this post cracked me the he** up AND made me think. hard.

Bad: Im still most likely thirsty but shall dig into my Toddlers Dipping Dots icecream regardless (hello body? sometimes I need to ignore your cues)

Ugly: theres one spoonful left. that's what it's gonna get up in herre soon I fear.


eurydice said...

i actually like the blue menu shepherd's pie and the multigrain oatmeal... different strokes i guess. but i'm happy for you that it's over. following a strict plan is never easy, and feeling limited sucks the big one.

ps. what's wrong with fruit?

Ali said...

I tried their roast veg lasagna which was really good. They make a convenient option for lunch, I don't know if I could eat them all the time. You did great

marie said...

Eurydice - the oatmeal was lumpy and gross and the pie tasted salty and the potatoes seemed fake.

You can't serve an Irish gal fake taters.

The roasted veggie lasagna was actually one of the items I passed on buying because I was sick of all of the leftovers I had.

Plus the cauliflower topped shepherd's pie.

Why did I need to eat two different types of lasagna and two different types of shepherd's pie within two weeks of one another?

Plus, my own SP and Lasagnas are hella better.

Randi said...

Well regardless of the results or whatever, good for you for trying this and giving it a chance. And it's always good to learn what not to do. I think that "diet" would work much better on beginner "dieters" who regularly eat crap. This is at least semi-healthy processed food (oxymoron) right?

I too am anti processed food and am a giant hypocrite. all the cool kids are like this. ;)

Mel said...

Your GBU posts are my favorites! I went up a bit this week too although I'm sure having crabs with tons of OldBay and salt has something to do with it. Guess I need to flush out my system!

jainey said...

marie's shepherds pie had a helluva lot of veggies in it.
PC's had corn.
disappointing was a good word for starters.

Jen said...

I laughed out loud because all your hyperlinks are blue!!!

I also like how you plugged the CFG...you are a loyal little mouse...perhaps they should have you endorse a food plan next???

and NOW I want shepherds pie...send me some?

katieo said...

I finally had broccoli last night and almost wept.


Shirls said...

I think its great you really gave it a try, for myself I know I couldn't do it as the process packaged food sodium levels bugger me up big time which is why I avoid the stuff...

my favorite line... "I didn’t notice it until I went to bed and I had a friend over." Does that mean that you had a friend over for bedtime?? ;0)

Candace said...

If the post is brought to us by the colour blue, why can I only think of you with big yellow feathers sticking out your backside and head while making your way down...laaaaalala, la la la laaaalala...sorry, spaced out there.

Sara said...

Fake shepard's pie is like being shit on a plate. Worst thing in the world.

Love your GBU blue menu edition - too too funny!! Yay to broccoli!

marie said...

Er, had a friend over at night and didn't notice before bed.

NOT THAT KIND OF FRIEND, shirls, but i like the way you think :P

And AMEN, sara! My brother and I ranted about the shepherd's pie last night. All he could go on about was the lack of veggies it had which I had totally forgot about because all that I could remember was the salty tasted and fake tater taste.

I vowed to make one this week. Pics to follow :)

Haley said...

Welcome back to the world of real food!

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