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This game is like a never ending cycle, I tell ya. Jen tagged me, seven facts, rules, link back, tag, blah blah, I never follow them. Today's adaptation will be seven random things that popped into my head or occurred today that I FEEL like sharing. DEAL.
  1. I take transit to work. Normally this takes 20 minutes. This week it has been taking 30 to 40 mins for no reason whatsoever. The subway just stops in the tunnel with no announcement, no emergency, no update from transit control. Oddly enough the TTC and the employee union are in the middle of contract talks. Coincidence?
  2. I feel like I'm dressing to be invisible lately. I notice women with awesome geometric patterned tops, brightly coloured jackets and funky bags, and I sit there with boring off-white or black blazers, cardigans and dress pants with a plain messenger bag. I think I need some punch for spring.
  3. I've eaten 29 points worth of food each day of this Healthy Eating Challenge and, to be honest, it freaks me out a little. No clue why as I've had 29 point days before, but I guess because I have such little input into it and even when I ask the dietitian questions or for some wiggle room, she doesn't REALLY address my concerns in terms of WW, instead tells me to count calories and then praises my need for structure. Weird. Oh, I have a half of a shepherd's pie in my fridge too if anyone wants it.
  4. I miss my nieces cute little faces, which is probably why I'm in a bit of a funk lately.
  5. Is my name THAT hard? Yesterday a guy referred to me as Mary on the phone several times but got my name right on a fax. Then I was addressed as Maria in email by the dietitian. I just received another email addressed to Mary. How do you screw up my name? Seriously? M-A-R-I-E. And then you wonder why I introduce myself as mouse all of the time.
  6. I want to ride my bicycle, but I don't want to haul it out of my basement and I have no clue where to store it. My neighbourhood is, well, interesting, and I can't exactly leave it outside, even locked up, without it going walking. This is why we always bring the bikes inside. Unfortunately, I have no space anywhere on the main floor of my house to put my bike or my brother's bike and my bike is HELLA heavy. So there the bike sits...just waiting to be loved.
  7. The city of Toronto delivered ginormous(e) blue boxes to Toronto residents for recycling materials recently. They're to assist in the collection of materials, making it easier for the trucks to pick up these HUGE bins and collect more materials at once, rather than have houses put out multiple boxes with the same amount on the curbside. I am personally wondering when someone will take up residence in mine and whether it will be of the raccoon or human variety.
We good?


katieo said...

I need someone to go shopping with...to tell me what the crap I'm supposed to wear these days...geometric tops scare me, lol...

Forgive my WW ignorance, is 29 points high or low for you?

Sad about the bike!

marie said...

My points target is actually 23. I usually get about 4APs on top of it so I'm eating 27 normally anyway, plus FPs.

I guess I'm just getting weirded out because it's allll planned out for me already, including snacks that I don't go over or under or BANG on 23. It's now CONSISTENTLY 28 or 29 and it looks high to me.

I'm weird, I know.

Jenn said...

29 points isn't that high if you normally eat 27. Its like eating 2 extra flexies a day, so really you would still be OP to have 25 flexies left. I think it is ok - but you are the one that has to be comfortable with it. How have you been feeling? too full or hungry? I'm to the point where I hate tracking and I just want to listen to my body, but my body tells me to eat candy and junk, so I still have to count points....

I miss my niece too. 6 hours is too far away for her to live. :(

cinemarie said...

HA! I know what you are going through!!! My name is Marie-Hélène...
I thought the 'Hélène' part was confusing people here in TO, so I started introducing myself as just 'Marie' - but it's not working either... Maureen? Mary? Maria? I was starting to think I'm just saying it wrong :) Happy to hear it's not me!!!

Love your blog by the way!! :)

And congratulations on being an 'Online Achiever'!

Sara said...

no one ever screws up saying my name but a ton of people screw up spelling my name - even family.

You need to watch some What Not to Wear and then just head on out there and shop!

Hope you get to see your nieces soon!

katieo said...

I'm weird, I know.

well, I already knew that. ;)

Jen said...

Ah, I love it!!

And I love even more that you didn't follow the rules!! It just wouldn't be the same...

I get people calling me Jan all the time...um, okay...cause Jennifer isn't the most popular name in the world??? Or I get "my (wife, sister, daughter, mailman's cousin) is named Jennifer too" Um REALLY??? No shit, so are a MILLION other people...I bet there are FIVE people in this room named Jennifer right now...(um yeah, struck a nerve!!)

Are you going to turn blue with all this blue menu and recycling bins???

Any way you spell it, I'm always Merry said...

They're confusing you with me? I'm flattered!

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