Take THAT, CN Tower!!


Sadly, I actually could have done better but there were small children in my way :P

I freaked myself out over nothing.

It's funny because I only remembered this past week that I have done the Grouse Grind before in an hour and eleven minutes, which is pretty damn good, so this should have been pretty easy.

Don't know why I got myself worked up over nothing.

Oh, and Jen....

pour vous

There's another shot with the lovely Runny, but I spared her the public shaming.

A lovely brunch was then shared by the hotties of the GDT at Richtree where I indulged in a free meal which was supposed to be for my dinner today, but I turned into lunch.

Sucks to your rules, I say!


Mel said...

I knew you would kick ass...damn those little kids! Way to go Marie, I'm so proud of you.

Jen said...

Ah Marie, I love it!!!

I think you made that pandas day!!!

Fat Grl Slim said...

Yeah Marie!!! You are a legend!!

The Grouse Grind...now there's something I hadn't thought of in a while!!! Although I'm American, I had the sense to go to university in Canada (yeah UBC!!!). I always wanted to do the GG...but it was one of those things I never did because I was too heavy. I sense a trip to Vancouver in my future!

And you should have just plowed over those kids... :) just kidding!

Vanessa said...

Woohoo! Good job!

Shrunk said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY Mouse! You rocked it!

HappyBlogChick said...

Good job!

Those small children - argh!

Shirls said...

great picture and I knew you would kick ass

Sara said...

wowsa that's a good time!! Such a cute pic!

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