The only photo from my trip...

But I did have a bit of an NSV.
I had bought a medium shirt without trying it on the other day, went to put it on last night and it was a bit too big.
Was impressed with myself then and there but also looked a big schleppy.
So I had to tuck that puppy into my skirt.
I NEVER tuck things into ANYTHING.
HOLY CRAP did I look small.
I so wish there were pictures of me, but there are none.
Beautiful pictures of award recipients and a silly tow truck, but none of me, my hot pencil skirt, sexy sling back heels and tucked in shirt though.
too bad :P


Sara said...

camel towing too funny! I'm so sad that I can't see pics! Tucking in a shirt is like a dream to me, a dream that I fear will never become reality!

Vanessa said...

That truck is the most awesome thing I've seen all day! Congrats on your teeny-tinyness :D.

Claire said...

Cool pic! :-)

Congrats on your skinniness! You have worked so hard, and can now reap the benefits! Rock on!

Hey, Marie, I have a question for you:

When (if?) you were discouraged, had a bad period of time during your weight loss, what did you do to get yourself back on course? I've gained back almost 15 lbs of the 35 I lost, strictly due to stress eating and lack of exercise. Any ideas? I need a kick in the pants, shot in the arm, you know!

Jen said...

Okay it took me a few minutes to stop laughing and write...that is awesome!!!

I wish I could have seen pics!!! That is friggin amazing!!!

paige said...

hello skinny mouse...go you!
LOVE the camel towing too funny

Caroline said...

I hate it when I forget to take a camera places after I get all dressed up to go. I bet you looked fabulous!

Angie All The Way said...

Wow girl, a size SMALL!!! I bet if you turn sideways, you'd disappear! teehehe

MizFit said...

that is HILARIOUS!


mightcould you recreate the fabulousness which was you in the pencil skirt for your viewing audience?

Shrunk said...

BOoooooooooooooo, I so want to see a picture of you and your skinnyness.

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